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#SummaryDate approvedDate effective
20-1Number of races and discards at SCIRA major events20202021
20-2 v2Black Flag Rule20202021
20-3Constitution section 28 update20202021
20-4Hub E. Isaacks Deed of Gift change20202021
20-5Change of Class Rule C.6.1 – boat weightdid not pass
20-6Change of Class Rule C.6.2 – corrector weightsdid not pass 
21-1Changes to Constitutionpassed2022
21-2Sergio Michel Pepetual Trophy – DoG changepassed2022
21-3Knav Allowancedid not pass
21-4Junior agedid not pass
22-01Constitution – electionspassed2023
22-02Constitution – generalpassed w/ modifications2023
22-03Rules of Conductpassed2023
22-04Deeds of Giftwork in progress
22-06Old Boatsdefer to WS
22-07Measurementcommittee to be formed
22-09Personal flotationpassed2023
22-10Wind indexpassed2023
22-11Safety linedid not pass
22-12Centerboard linepassed2023
22-13Boat production & riggingpassed2023
22-14Mastdid not pass
22-15Mast stepdid not pass
22-16Shroud adjusterspassed2023
22-17Boomdid not pass
22-18Rule Variationsdid not pass
23-01Hiking Strapspassed
23-02 b
Daggerboard23-02 passed
23-02b did not pass
23-03 b
Corrector weights23-03 passed
23-03b did not pass
23-04 b
Towline23-04 did not pass
23-04b passed
23-05 b
Mast side blocks23-05 passed
23-05b did not pass
23-06Fleet Minimumdid not pass
23-07Constitution Section 23.6passed
23-08Bare Hulldid not pass
23-09Serial Numberdid not pass
23-10Decorative Deckdid not pass
23-11Sail Measurement-G.3passed
23-12Sail Measurement – H 5.1passed
24-01Constitution Sections 6 & 8
24-02Constitution Section 9 & 14
24-03Constitution Section 23 -updated version pending
24-04Constitution Section 23.1
24-05Constitution Sections 23 & 23.5
24-06Constitution Sections 24 & 25
24-07Constitution Sections 28 & 30
24-08Constitution Section 29
24-09Constitution Section 34
24-10Deed of Gift – Youth
24-11Deed of Gift – World Masters
24-12Deed of Gift – numerous_supporting document
24-13Rules of Conduct – Sections 5 & 18
24-14Rules of Conduct – 3.5 through 15 and supporting document
24-15Class Rules C7.2, 8.3 Technical Committee
24-16Class Rules C8.4, daggerboard_soft shackle
24-17Class Rules C10.3b Sail Numbers
24-18Class Rules C10.6 jib
24-19Class Rules C10.6b jib height
24-20Class Rules F3.3 mast weight
24-21Class Rules G.2 Sail certification
24-22Class Rules VHF radio
24-23Class Rules D1.5 side panels
24-24Class Rules Daggerboard

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