Winter Circuit Championship

The Winter Circuit or “Southern Circuit” is comprised of 3 regattas:

  • Midwinters – Clearwater, FL
  • Don Q – Coconut Grove, FL
  • Bacardi/Gamblin – Nassau, BAH

The sailor who attends all 3 events and has the lowest score is the Zimmerman Champion.Zimmerman -Overall Circuit winner

Zimmerman winnerYear
 not awarded2018
 Raul Diaz Herrera2017
Martin Bebb2016
Martin Bebb2015
Birger Jansen2014
Birger Jansen2013
Birger Jansen2012
Birger Jansen2011
Eric Heim2010
Ernesto Rodriguez2009
Peter Commette2008
Jorge X. Murietta2007
Augie Diaz2006
Peter Commette2005
Augie Diaz2004
Augie Diaz2003
George Szabo2002
Alexandre Paradeda2001
Javier Ocariz2000
George Szabo1999
George Szabo1998
George Szabo1997
Henry Filter1996
Birger Jansen1995
Birger Jansen1994
Craig Leweck1993
Gonzalo Diaz, Sr.1992
Jimmie Lowe1991
Bart Hackworth1990
Keith Dodson1989
Craig Leweck1988
Mike Segerblom1987
Craig Leweck1986
Mark Reynolds1985
Jeff Lenhart1984
Jeff Lenhart1983
Mark Reynolds1982
Mark Reynolds1981
Craig Martin1980
Mark Reynolds1979
Jeff Lenhart1978
Jeff Lenhart1977
Jeff Lenhart1976
Earl Elms1975
Jeff Lenhart1974
Earl Elms1973
Jeff Lenhart1972
Earl Elms1971
Augie Diaz1970
Tom Nute1969
Tom Nute1968
Jerry Jenkins1967