Attention Snipe Sailors! April Fool’s Stories

Attention Snipe Sailors! April Fool’s Stories Image

Moruzzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy – Jamestown, Rhode Island, USA – April 1st, 2021

Feeling foolish this year? Yeah, we are too. With so many sailing plans tossed out the window, we’ve dug pretty deep for this round of April Fools’ Stories. Somehow it’s easier to laugh at our boat and our class and our fellow sailors when we know we will see each other again very soon.

So forgive us if we’re not up to our usual Snipe-specific standard. If you need a few extra laughs, we invite you to revisit the past nine years of April Fools. Meanwhile…

Pesce d’aprile! Poisson d’avril! Aprilvis!

(i.e. April’s Fish)

Caros marinheiros da classe Snipe, não se preocupe: os artigos do passado eram uma piada. April Fools significa piada de abril. O primeiro de abril é o dia das piadas (Dia da mentira) em grande parte da Europa e América do Norte.

Please check back later this week for more news from around the Snipe world.

The Editors

(photo Max Ceschia)

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A great chance from a disaster!



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