A great chance from a disaster!

A great chance from a disaster! Image


As every one heard during last days, there’s been such an issue in the southern branch of the Suez Canal.

Just to sum up: a huge container-ship run dry, shutting down the channel (and so the shipping traffic through it) for about 6 days, blocking ca. 10% of the World long distance commercial traffic and generating a massive amount of losses.. I know Americans didn’t give a shit (or close to) but in Europe many people was getting nervous!

To have an idea of the size of the mess just look down here..

Situation was such critical that all private Companies from all over the World and Local Authorities involved in the removal of this uber-expensive drama have had to go “brutal”, meaning no really sophisticated and well prepared engineering to remove the ship and clear the channel as quick as humanly possible.

It meant a lot of hard work indeed, first of all they began to drill..

This pic in particular has been used for a lot of memes, cause let’s be honest: it’s completely no-sense.. and it’s even no-sense if you consider the part of the ship you don’t see in the photo: 15 meters of the hull stuck in the sand, 15 meters (5 floor building) underneath the water-line!

So it’s been immediately clear that digging wasn’t enough, and they began to pull&push at the same-time.. sort of tug-war but Marvel-scale!

No way anyway!

That giagantic amount of metal-shit did not show any intention to move its fat-ass (and its bow) from the sand.

So they began to dredge!

Also dredging didn’t look working.. at least initially.. so they considered to lighten the load.. but those ships have no cranes on board, they use gigantic crane you can see in every huge container-hub, instead that ship was in the middle of a sandy no-where with no infrastructure at all, not even roads to move big-cranes via land over there..

..so they drop the step.3 and kept drilling + dredging + pulling&pushing..

To help in the pulling&pushing party, also a huge tug came to help, from Italy (You can see it down here)..

This little iron-boy named as the King Charles the Great, got the job done and the traffic through the channel has been restored at record speed.. HAPPY END!

..yes happy end? For sure for the Prime deliveries and for the fuel price in Europe.. but at the cost of a considerable “but”.. indeed once they removed the container-ship they realized that all that damn six-days long drilling&dredging wasn’t for free, so the elegant and linear shape of the Suez Channel now looks like this way..

After a moment it’s been absolutely clear to the Locals (outstanding merchants from thousands of years!) the huge up-rising opportunities to cover all the losses suffered during last week, so Local Authorities immediately contacted some Real-Estate Investment Funds from Emirates and in less than one-day the found an agreement to quickly realize in this newly created basin something like that!

..or just to give you an idea of what they decided to build take a look down here..

Inauguration scheduled first week of July 2021!

If only we could be so quick on infrastructures also in Italy!!

But it’s not over yet.

Indeed to thank for the help gave from the Italian tug, Local Authorities invited Italian Government to consider the location for some event in occasion of the inauguration ceremony next summer!

Italia Gov forwarded the request to the Italian Sailing Federation which, due to Olimpics obligations couldn’t involve any Olimpic Class (those posh pussies!), so they had to turn to no-Olimpics and Snipe Class has been invited to host it’s 2021 Snipe National Championship in this new glittering location, despite Anzio Bay have been elected for the Event since last year (delay due to the pandemic obviously).

Anzio Bay hosting Clubs didn’t objected anything cause they understood the importance of the Event and also the crucial relations between Italy and Egypt (meaning: bigger natural gas-field in Med-Sea is in Egyptian waters and exploitation rights are owned by the Italian oil&gas major Company so better avoid frictions.. we’re such good when it takes to avoid frictions on principles, above all with MEA countries!).

The Egyptian Sailing Federation, in sign of gratitude to the Italian Snipe Class, decided to constitute a brand new SCIRA Egypt, appointing as first National Secretary the current SCIRA Italy National Secretary Daniela Cleopatra Semec (down here)

So we really hope to see all of you on July in Egypt to sail our Snipe National Champ, drink mint-tea and smoke narghilè!

Good Night & Good Luck!



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