The Ocean Race and Snipe Class Join Forces

The Ocean Race and Snipe Class Join Forces Image


Disappointed by the four-boat fleet in the current race around the world (as well as the obvious discomfort of foiling crews), The Ocean Race is in talks with the Snipe Class to include our favorite planing dinghy in their next event. “We really need to bring up the numbers, and we hear Snipes are pretty comfortable and easy to sail,” TOR CEO Richard Brisius said last week. “Also, Snipe sailors apparently watch a ton of videos! We haven’t finalized the stopovers yet; maybe Cascais to Miami, followed by a long reach down to Buzios?”

Meanwhile, the Class is very excited by the possibility of visiting so many favorite Snipe cities for just one regatta. “Think of the possibilities!” TOR’s new Chief Marketing Officer Pietro Fantoni gushed. “Of course my new position will mean retiring as SnipeToday editor to avoid any conflict of interest, but I just couldn’t pass up this incredible chance to unite my favorite boat with a worldwide brand.” 

Preliminary marketing plans include creating a sailable Snipe model that would be used for in-port racing.. “We’ll be able to show off the tactical prowess of our sailors while give hiking muscles a much-needed rest,” Fantoni explained. “And who knows, maybe it will trickle down to other regattas!”

Dates cannot be finalized until all cities have made the necessary sponsorship commitments, but Fantoni has already shared what little he knows. “They’re talking about starting as soon as April 1st, 2024,” he confided. “So don’t wait to order your water makers and freeze-dried food!”



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