Announcing Penguin & Pelican Coaching LLC

Announcing Penguin & Pelican Coaching LLC Image
2023 Snipe Western Hemisphere & Asia Championship / © Matias Capizzano. Races Day 3.


Inspired by Matias Capizzano’s coverage of the 2023 Western Hemisphere & Asia Championship (WHAC), renowned coach Leandro Spina has started a new business that will cater specifically to Snipes. “I no longer need to go out on the water to coach my sailors,” P&P’s principal promised, in the company’s first (and last) press release. “The Chilean penguins and pelicans made me realize: I can see everything I need watching from shore, as long as I stand on a tall enough rock.”

Coaching can be the biggest expense of an international regatta budget, and this new approach removes the need for Snipe teams to charter (or buy) a coach boat. “Also it’s good for the planet,” Leandro continues. “No more burning fossil fuels, just so I can pretend I’m actually paying attention!”

In related news, SnipeToday has learned why no Japanese teams attended the WHAC; they were busy starting a fleet in Antarctica. (Watch this space for further updates about a rumored expansion of Leandro’s P&P Plan.)



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