1948 Mills Snipe #7132 “Cheri”‏

1948 Mills Snipe #7132 “Cheri”‏ Image

First time out of garage in 6 years! Done with varnish work for now, next step: mounting hardware.

Photo courtesy of Mike Rector

I saw this same boat in late 1951 at the Clearwater YC, when our family vacationed at Clearwater Beach FL. It was still owned by the original owner then (I did not meet him). I remember it had a varnished hull but the deck was painted a cream color then. Dexter Thede (also from the Clearwater area originally) might also remember that boat, and also Morey Whitney of Clearwater (now retired and living in Port Townsend WA) would also remember this boat. Woody Norwood and his sister also owned this boat at one time, at Atlanta GA. Lots of history there!

John Rose, Tacoma WA




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