Bibi Juetz – Snipe Sailor

Bibi Juetz has been sailing Snipes for 60 years, both in her home country of Brazil and around the world. At 75, she’s just finished competing in the Snipe Master’s World Championship in Trieste. She’s placed second overall to Augie Diaz in the past three championship series while winning the Grand Master Championship (for those skippers over 65) each time.

She’s always available to help out her fellow Snipe sailors. Last year for the Western Hemisphere’s Championship she drove one of the boats from Brasil to Punte del Este, Uruguay for a Sniper who could not take time off to drive the boat down. It was a good thing she did as he finished 2nd for the regatta.

Her vision of picking crew is finding someone young and getting them to the regatta. Its amazing how many of the best Brazilian crews have sailed with her over the years.

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