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Vince Casalaina, with the support of the Snipe Class, years ago produced a video called “Traditions Build Winners”.

Here is an excerpt from that video

And here are some other videos and interviews from that documentary:

Augie Diaz – Snipe Sailor

Snipe Don Q Regatta March 2009

Old Man Diaz – Snipe Sailor

Carol Cronin – Snipe Sailor

George Szabo – Snipe Sailor

Bibi Juetz – Snipe Sailor

2009 Snipe World Championship

2009 US Snipe Nationals – Pensacola

Molly Vandemoer

Anna Tunnicliffe – Snipe Sailor

Marina Gallego – Snipe Sailor

Trixy Agusti – Snipe Sailor

Rocio Agusti – Snipe Sailor

Traditions Build Winners as the Snipe turns 80

Jerry Thompson – Snipe Sailor

Snipe Women’s World Championship 2010

Andrew Campbell – Olympic an Snipe Sailor

Torben Grael – Olympic and Snipe Sailor

Serious Sailing, Serious Fun, documentary on the Snipe Class

Rough Cut for SCIRA

Earl Elms – Snipe Sailor

Mark Reynolds – Snipe Sailor

Serious Sailing Serious Fun: Traditions Build Winners






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