From the New Commodore Zbigniew Rakocy

As of January 1, 2023, I will be the new Commodore of SCIRA. I accept this honourable position for the term of 2 years (2023-2024) with respect and responsibility to all members of our organisation.

From the New Commodore Zbigniew Rakocy Image

Commodore Zbigniew Rakocy2023-2024

As of January 1, 2023, I will be the new Commodore of SCIRA. I accept this honourable position for the term of 2 years (2023-2024) with respect and responsibility to all members of our organisation. 

I have been an active member of the SCIRA Board for many years. First, as General Secretary Europe (6 yrs.) then as Secretary of SCIRA (2 yrs.), and more recently as Vice Commodore (3 yrs. due to COVID-19).

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who voted for me and have put their trust in me. I would like to give special thanks to past Commodores that I have worked with: Luis Soubie, Pietro Fantoni, Gweneth Crook, Ricardo Labato, and Don Bedford. It has been an honour for me to have worked with them and my aim is to keep running the Snipe class as they did before me.

Today, I believe we have a strong Board who I have been working with for many years and I know very well. Together, I am confident we will achieve the goals that are ahead of us, with the main objective always being to benefit the Snipe Class.

Over the years, during my time on the SCIRA Board, the world has changed and so has sailing. However, I will strive to make our white Snipe sails visible on many waters and at events around the world.

I know that some of you have already met me, but many haven’t. I am from Poland and have been sailing the Snipe for 22 years.

Poland has, more recently, managed to build a very good system of support for regatta sailing which, after several years, brings results. We have very successful Polish sailors competing in other sailing classes in many prestigious regattas such as the Olympics, World Championships, and the European Championships. I would like to look at some of these positive strategies used to find out if they can be implemented to SCIRA’s benefit.

One area I would particularly like to focus on during my time as Commodore is promotion. I believe there are areas for both improvement and development. One area I feel needs more time and consideration is sponsorship.  I would like to find a strategic sponsor for the Snipe class worldwide. Another area I would like to develop is our use of media. SCIRA is in the possession of some amazing photos (thanks to Matias Capizzano) but in my opinion, they are insufficiently used. I would like to see more short films from our regattas, which feature young sailors and our motto ” Serious Sailing – Serious Fun”. A short film will offer much more for promotion than text and photos. Should you have any ideas on this subject, they will be welcomed and considered.

Last year, we celebrated the 90th anniversary of our beloved boat. After the difficulties during Covid-19 time, it was a good year for our class; we held the Senior World Championships in Cascais delayed by a year and the Junior World Championships in Porto. As far as organization and sports aspects are concerned, I consider these events were both excellent and very successful. Special thanks go to Portugal for their ability to prepare and organise such great events at short notice.

In the first year of my term (2023) there will be some major regattas taking place, including the following:  14th-17th March – Western Hemisphere and Asia (Algaprobo CHI),   21st-27th August  – Open European in Gargnano (Lake Garda ITA),   3rd-8th October – Women’s World (RCN Valencia ESP) and   18th-22nd October – World Masters (Cadiz ESP).  As Commodore, I would like to attend as many of these regattas as I am able to and where I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

The Snipe class, with a 90-year history, is still vibrant and developing. I would like to continue to grow the class and I am there for you, as your Commodore, to listen and hear your thoughts on how together we can ensure our Snipe class remains strong and exciting. Both myself and the Board will consider any suggestions received via email [email protected] and respond accordingly.

I very much look forward to seeing you at the great regattas planned during 2023. 

May there always be fair winds in your sails! 




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