Quassapaug Team Racing Event

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Quassapaug Team Racing Intergalactic Championships in Snipes (Quassy-TRICkS)

Lake Quassapaug, CT, Saturday, July 27, 2019

Snipe Fleet 231 and the Quassapaug Sailing Center hosted a fun Team Racing event last weekend. We had 13 sailors, and six loaned boats. After a nice lunch and some team racing talk, we headed out for two team racing series.

In the first series, we had less experienced and new team racers skippering. In a best of three series, closely contested (2-1), the Yellow team won two out of the three races against the Blue team.

We had brief intermission and a rabbit start fleet race while we replaced the fuel line on the RC boat, before starting the second series. This time the experienced skippers, sailed a very close series, again 2-1 with many lead changes. The Yellow Team came away two wins to the Blue teams one win. The racing was very close and fun.

First series:

Yellow Team (2) Blue Team (1)
Charlie Baywood – Enoc Escobar Thad Burr – Cam Fraser
Brenden Hollock – Andrew Keane Liz Glivinski – Alyssa Hall
Bob & Jane Panza Jurgen Hollock – Kristen Jabanoski

Second series:

Yellow Team (2) Blue Team (1)
Andrew Keane – Brenden Hollock Cam Fraser – Brenden/Thad
Bob and Jane Panza Liz Glivinski – Alyssa Hall
Joel Zackin – Charlie/Jurgen Enoc Escobar – Kristen Jabanoski

Racing was followed by swimming, beers, roasted oysters (100+), and dinner of Bluefish on the grill, steamed fresh corn, and salad. We skipped the watermelon as no one could eat another bite. Was a great time.

Special thanks to Peter Zackin, Bob Panza, Charlie Baywood, Thad Burr, and Jurgen Hollock for lending their boats to this event.

Joel Zackin

Quassapaug Sailing Center



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