Board of Governors Regatta

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Lake Quassapaug, CT, USA,  August 28, 2022

The Wind God was angry at us for unknown reasons. Was it that no boat was carrying a Frisbee, tennis ball, or water gun for ‘other games’? The end result was that Lake Quassapaug lived up to her reputation for light wind. 

Julia Fuller, Nikki Bruno, Liz Fraser, and MacKenzie Fraser all “taking a bow” for dancing every song at the party, while Joel Zackin, Regatta Chair, holds the “Take a Bow” Award they received.

Twenty One Snipe Teams attended the 2022 Board of Governors Regatta. Saturday’s forecast was for 3-6 knots from the North. What we received was 0-5 knots from the North, East, West and everything in between. Lake sailing at its best (or some might say, worst)!

Confidence was running high at the competitors meeting as Quassapaug’s weird signaling of reverse courses, starboard roundings, was explained to the very large crew of Quassapaug rookies. During questions, no one, including Lee Griffith, played the roll of Lee Griffith. 

The fleet consisted of 20 Fiberglass boats and one wood boat. Thirteen of the 21 boats racing we crewed by family teams. Eight of them, married couples sailing together, including the newlyweds Kevin Hetherington and Janet Liu! Medford Boat Club beat the Winchester Boat Club for participation 3 to 2!!! Kind of lame for the WBC Sailors, so much for the powerhouse Snipe club of New England. Meanwhile the Quassapaug Sailing Center fielded 5 boats. 

After lunch three races were run, and much of the fleet learned and relearned the “stay out of the middle of the beat” lesson. Of course, none of the legs were beats or runs, but contained all direction of sailing, just for the enjoyment of the competitors. Lee Griffith and Nikki Bruno showed the fleet how to sail on a lake by winning the first two races. 

The third race contained a run with a 180 degree shift turning it into a beat. How exciting. The racing was very close and there were many lead changes. Julia Fuller and Alex Tong won this race

The Fleet retired for dinner and drinks. 

Andrew Keane did the scoring to show the top four, Alex and Lisa Pline, Bob and Stephanie Adam, Cam and Liz Fraser, and Lee and Nikki all within 3 points of each other. The next three teams, Joel & Juliana, John and Geri, and newlyweds Kevin and Janet were within three points of each other. A very very tight regatta!

The Food Crew, receiving the “Take a Bow” Award. From the left, Joel, Jane Panza, Dave and Laurie Rogers, and Wendy White. Also Thanks to Sarah Baywood and others.

Dinner was fun with Lobsters, mussels, clams, corn, steaks, and chicken. Washed down with wine and plenty of IPA, Lager, Pilsner, Ale, and Octoberfest from Connecticut breweries. After dinner we danced to a DJ for hours! Julia, Fuller, Nikki Bruno, Liz Fraser and MacKenzie Fraser danced every dance of the evening and were awarded the coveted “Take a Bow” Award for their courageous action. 

Sunday met us with clouds and a very light easterly breeze. The shifts were very large, but the breeze never went completely away. A long race was held. After many lead changes, John and Geri Crookston showed the fleet how to win a race. After which the easterly totally died.

Thanks to the Race Committee lead by Peter Zackin, and assisted by Suzette Fraser, Carol Tomassetti, Joel Zackin, Juliana Ruggieri, and Josh Lovett for running races in challenging conditions. The entire RC was awarded the “Take a Bow” Award for their great work. 

Regatta Winners Bob and Stephanie Adam.

Thanks to Dave and Laurie Rogers, and Jane Panza for orchestrating dinner and Sunday breakfast and lunch. Suzette Fraser for making sure registration was complete. Bob Panza for Marks, and everyone else who helped make the regatta a success.

Come to Quassy!!

Joel Zackin

“Queen Celeste” 31566

2022 Board of Governors Regatta, Lake Quassapaug, Middlebury Connecticut.

130302JibeTechBob and Stephanie AdamSail Newport2286181st Married Couple
231304DB MarineLee Griffith and Nikki BrunoSCYC1113924
325863MuellerJohn and Geri Crookston
111021242nd Married Couple 2nd Oldest boat
430903JibeTechCam and Liz FraserMBC37312253rd Married Couple
531313JibeTechAlex And Lisa PlineSSA53415274th Married Couple
629955JibeTechTed and Alison KeananWBC48147331st Father/Daughter team
727861JibeTechDan And Liz Perkins
65913335th married Couple
829727JibeTechJulia Fuller and Alex TongCPYC161218371st Woman Skipper
929704SkipperKevin Hetherington & Janet LiuCPYC96517376th Married Couple
1027011MuellerAndrew Keane & Nicole JabanoskiQSC131573381st Sailing In-laws
1131309JibeTechAndy Klein /Corrine Patras/MichelleWBC14206444
1228452PerssonBob Coyle & Nathan ManzioneMBC711161145
1331001JibeTechJim Tomassetti & Amy CahillHRM819 20 247
1430999JibeTechMartin & MacKenzie FraserMBC19917 5452nd Father/Daughter team
1530236JibeTechKen and Kay VossCRYC10171014517th Married Couple 2nd Woman Skipper
1631566JibeTechJoel Zackin & Juliana RuggieriQSC184122154
1725991McLaughlinPreaton Anderson & Sabina VanMallSSA15181810613rd oldest boat
1829964PerssonBob & Jane PanzaQSC12161916638th Married Couple
19 9106WoodArt Margolis & Bob Brandad
20141119641st Oldest Boat 1st Wood Boat
2029867PerssonMike & Kevin ElserQSC17131521
1st Father/Son Team
2130606JibeTechJurgen & Minna HollockQSC 21212118813rd Father/Daughter Team



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