Giovannino & Maria Paola

Giovannino & Maria Paola Image

by Ivo Gattulli

It is with immense condolences that I must communicate that another free man has lost his constitutional rights .. despite all the attempts hatched by the Snipe Fleet “Macondo”, including a simulated kidnapping to bring him to safety .. in North Korea.. or Moscow.. in the end ours dear Giovannino (aka Pedro Perito Peraria) has also fallen victim to the one and only .. I refer to “the Ring” .. the one that says “Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum- ishi krimpatul “.. no need to translate, right?

What can I say about the bride? Ten years ago Maria Paola Serbelloni Mazzanti che Vien dal Mare, as my crew, tried to sink me and my Snipe in the very deep center of the north Garda, during a bomb at 40kts from north: I told her to pull the shrouds, but she eased them.. we almost sank. Once on the shore I tried but I couldn’t kill her (she run away..) .. if I could I would have saved Giovannino!

After a few years she quit as crew and passed at the helm of a Snipe, with Giovannino as crew, indeed he asked her to marry him on their snipe, at the end of a race last July.. and no, she still hasn’t understood how the shrouds work .. and obviously I’m still looking for my revenge for that day on Garda I have to say more?

Oh yes! I almost forgot..

By me and the whole Macondo ALL THE VERY VERY BEST for a long&happy life together.. and tons and tons of bikes(*) !!

(*) Giovannino loves cycling, she hates it.. so it’s crucial to take the right side!



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