Felix Gancedo Hall of Fame

Felix Gancedo

2020 inductee

Felix Gancedo was born in Málaga, Spain in 1940, and has been a life-long Snipe sailor. After crewing for two years, he got his first Snipe at age 15. In following years, he gained experience in sailing and racing, including crewing also with experienced Snipe sailors such as Pedro Casado in the 1964 Spanish National Championship (2nd place) and 1965 Snipe Worlds Championship (5th place).

In 1969, Felix Gancedo started an amazing winning streak of 15 Spanish National Snipe Championships (1969-1975, 1977-1981, 1983, 1985 and 1990). He was also runner-up twice (1982 and 1986).

During those years, he also won the Snipe World Championship two times (1973 and 1975), and 3rd place in 1971, 4th place in 1979, 2nd place in 1981, 7th place in 1983 and 4th place in 1985. Seven times in the Snipe World Championship! He was also the four-time winner of the Snipe European Championship (1972, 1974, 1978 and 1990) during this period. In 1991, he also won the Snipe World Masters Championship.

In early years, Felix was not only a sailor, but also a rower. Felix won the single scull category at the Spanish National Rowing Championship in 1964. That year, he also crewed on the winning boat in the Spanish National Championship in the Flying Dutchman class. Later, he also was Spanish National Champion in the Flying Dutchman class (1967 and 1968) and competed in the Summer Olympic Games in Mexico (1968) in the Flying Dutchman class. That was his first Olympic entry, but not last. Felix also crewed for Prince (later King of Spain) Juan Carlos in the 1972 Olympic Games (Germany) in the Dragon class, and again in the 1976 Olympic Games (Canada) in the Tempest class.

A truly outstanding sailing and racing performance over a period of 22 years! Quoting from his interview for the 75th Anniversary of the Snipe class (Snipe Bulletin, June 2008 issue): ‘ “Hey guy, how many foolish things do you still want to with your poor old life?” Now here I am writing and thinking of you, it is another kind of sailing. I miss so much the sun, the sea, and my friends.’ So in our senior years (as many of us are), it is time to relax and reminisce with friends about your many stories and experiences in the Snipe family. Welcome to the 2020 SCIRA Hall of Fame!