MDS Issue Solved

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by Antonio Bari, SCIRA Rules Committee Chairman

In the winter issue of the Bulletin and on SnipeToday Commodore Pietro Fantoni pointed out a potentially dangerous problem who is affecting the class: too many new boats delivered without any MDS.

After reading the annual report by Jerelyn, the Board deeply investigated the reasons of this situation, finding that the most common problem is the lack of instructed and experienced measurers, especially in those countries with a high production of new snipes. This causes a huge effort for the measurers, who typically go to the boatyard and measure several boats in a bunch, sending the completed MDS to the SCIRA Office once a year… Meanwhile sending the necessary data for issuing a Measurement Certificate to the National Secretary.

After realizing what above, the Board sent a letter to measurers, boatyards and National Secretaries, warning them to follow the Class Rules and the Builders’ Certification Rule when delivering a boat or issuing a new Measurement Certificate. A deadline was established to deliver all the missing MDS and no new number was issued to those builders not complying until all the MDS have been sent and recorded in the Office.

I’m proud to say that 99 per cent of the boats are now regular, those missing are underway to be regularized and new numbers are issued again to all boatbuilders.

Thanks to all those that effortless cooperated in fixing the situation: measurers, boatbuilders, National Secretaries, Board members and also Snipe friends who made researches and contacted owners.

Two final notes:

  • the Class, especially in countries with an high boats production, needs instructed measurers to guarantee that all the Class Rules are followed – also World Sailing appointed measurers can verify a Snipe (the new Class Rules are written with this purpose) – and with this goal in mind the Rules Committee is updating the Measurers’ Handbook who will be ready in few weeks;
  • a Snipe can be delivered only if a MDS is filled out, either complete (if the boat is sold with the full equipment) or incomplete (if some parts are missing): never buy a boat without her MDS, it’s not a Snipe.



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