4 Tips for a Terrific Team

4 Tips for a Terrific Team Image
Photo courtesy of Matias Capizzano

by Carol Cronin (from her blog: Carol Cronin Newman, Author, Editor, Olympian)

September 2021 was a busy and successful month of competitive sailing. In just three weeks, Kim Couranz and I finished fourth and ninth at two very challenging Snipe regattas—our best results yet at an international level. We also qualified for the 2022 Snipe Worlds, so we’ll be able to put what we learned to use next year. And photographer Matias Capizzano was at both events to capture our entire range of racing expressions!

On the short drive home from Boston, I got to thinking about everything Kim and I have learned in eleven years of sailing Snipes together. I’ve already captured more boat-specific details in the article I wrote for SnipeToday, but there’s a lot to be said about building and maintaining a long-term team that can be applied to any endeavor.

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