14 Questions to … Josipa Prosinecki

14 Questions to … Josipa Prosinecki Image

Josipa Prosinecki, Snipe sailor from Split, Croatia, and organizer of the next 2020 Snipe Europeans

– 1) Your first time on a sailing boat?

I think it was on a regatta on the island of Vis, here in  Croatia. On the day off, I joined the crew of one ORC sailboat, for a practice and trip around islands of Bisevo, Brusnik and sv. Andrija. I was assigned as trimmers mate and did quite well.

– 2) Your first time on a Snipe?

It was in 2015. We did a 15 minute transfer from the neighbouring marina to our sailing club. It seemed like an epic journey to me at that point.

– 3) The most bizarre thing that happened in a regatta?

On the Croatian Nationals in 2017. we have spend over six hours on water, and as far as I remember, without finishing any races that day. It was terribly hot and without any breeze. My skipper an I have drank around six liters of water that day and went completely dehydrated. I remember, Pietro got so mad on the RC, that he packed his sailboat and returned back to Trieste. I do not blame him for that at all. In the end, we have finished 3rd in that regatta.

– 4) What is the thing that most angers you in a race/regatta?

When my skipper chooses the ‘wrong side’. And gets angry at me for blaming him. Ha-ha. I know, it is not only his fault. And when the wind changes after the start and we have wrong mast set-up. That really makes me feeling desperate.

– 5) Which is the race/regatta that you remember with the most pleasure?

Croatian Nationals in 2019, when we had all first places in all five regattas. During one race we were half of the course ahead of our competition. And I was under a fever at that point. My skipper offered to pull out of race, but it was not an option for me. It was also great motivation to start competing abroad a little bit more, to see where we really are with progress in Snipe sailing.

– 6) And the race/regatta you would like to forget?

There is no such thing. There were some fiascos, but it is all part of the game.

– 7) Your “dream in the peak”? (Your sailing dream?)

To be able to keep sailing as much as I did in the past several years and enjoy it as much as I did.

– 8) Sailing goals for 2020, and beyond?

To get prepared for the 2020 Snipe Open Europeans here in Split and to organize an event to remember. And to finally learn more about the Racing Rules.

– 9) The most important people for you in sailing and in the Snipe?

My partner Luka [Jercic] who got me into sailing in the first place. My Snipe Croatia friends. Pietro [Fantoni] who is always at our disposal. And most recently, Damian [Borras] who had taught us so much more than we used to know and motivated us to continue growing.

– 10) Why the Snipe?

It is affordable, the Class is well organized and crews and regattas are many. And – our friend Marko [Marinovic] had one to sell and Luka wanted to teach me how to sail in a dinghy He claims that one can not learn how to sail properly by sailing only on a large sailboat.

– 11) Your perfect sailing venue and your perfect sailing conditions?

Right in front of our sailing Club, here in Split, we have a real Snipe paradise for every-day after-work sailing. It is my absolute favorite.

– 12) Besides sailing which other sport do you practice?

I do jogging, I drive bike to work each day and three times a week I do a functional training with a coach.

– 13) Are you superstitious?

No. I am a 100% Realist. Ask anyone.

– 14) Your perfect holiday?  

On the island of Lastovo with Luka and our bikes.



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