The Unique Joys of (Regatta) Travel

The Unique Joys of (Regatta) Travel Image
Photo courtesy of Matias Capizzano

by Carol Cronin – from her blog “Where Books Meet Boats”

I spent last week in San Diego for the Snipe Nationals—and was reminded once again of the unique joys of both travel and one design racing. It’s always hard leaving home, especially during High Summer, so I thought I’d take the time to explain why this trip was especially worthwhile (despite our mediocre results).

Only three ingredients 

Nearly three decades ago, I identified three requirements for regatta fun in an article entitled Why Sail a Snipe. They continue to be: “Competitive racing, fun parties, and something unpredictable, which prevents the nagging sensation that you’ve just been to a repeat of your favorite movie.” There is always plenty of tough competition in San Diego. And despite a lengthy tow to and from the race course, consistent sea breezes meant we got in two races and were back onshore in time for the evening’s party. As for that something unpredictable? Well, these days I leave that to the younger sailors… 

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