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Here you can find a collection of pieces (articles, stories, interviews, reports, video) of the last 12 months.

If you missed these stories the first time, we highly recommend reading them now. If you already read them, you might be surprised by how much more interesting they are on the second lap…

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

From the Commodore

Driving (a car) and Steering (a Snipe)

It Takes a Fleet: Pre-Race Discussions

Regatta Road Trips: Trailering Checklist

Ladies and Gentlemen, the SnipeDivas!

Thank Your Teammate Day

Free Kinetics: Yes or No?

Restart from the Fleet Activity

Attention Snipe Sailors! April Fool’s Stories

SnipeToday Video Conference: Free Kinetics: yes or no? (Part 1)

SnipeToday Video Conference: Free Kinetics: yes or no? (Part 2)

From the Commodore

From the Vice Commodore

A Tiny Giant in Sailing World

Different Times and Different Places for Different Regattas

Snipe Sailing at University in Japan

SnipeToday Video Conference: Women’s Snipe Sailing

Sniping in the time of COVID

Snipe Sailing, and Writing about it

Best Practices for Running a COVID-compliant Regatta

A World of Snipe

Good Times, Great Class!

Snipe Class: Changing the Gender Balance

Fleets: Let us know the Story and the Activity of your Fleet

SCIRA Decals from 1972 to Today

2020 Hall of Fame Inductees

TrySnipe on a Snipe Day!

Fleet 77 Winchester Boat Club & Fleet 777 Medford Boat Club

4 Important Life Lessons from Losing on a Lake

The Sistiana Fleet and the Snipe Fleets in the Gulf of Trieste

Fleet 686 Los Nietos

Holiday Greetings from your SnipeToday Editors

20 Years of Dedication to SCIRA

From the Commodore

Fleet 875 Aternum

SnipeToday Video Conference: Regatta Preparation

How to Protect a Mast from Inversion

Acceptable Snipe Social Distancing: Prepping your Snipe for the Sailing Season

How to Improve Fast – 7. The Automatic Pole

How to Rig a Snipe: Stepping the Mast

30 Years of Snipe Sailing

New Wooden Snipe Under Construction

Training for Who Knows When………?

Practice? We’re talking about [Solo] Practice?

How to Roll Tack and Jibe a Snipe

SnipeToday Video Conference: Racing Rule 18 Webinar

How to Get Your Boat Compliant with the Rules




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