Mystic Lake Open

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Winchester, MA, USA, October 3, 2021. Final results after 6 races (1 discard):

  1. Cam Fraser & Liz Fraser, 5
  2. Scarlett MacRae & Jocko MacRae, 16
  3. Julia Shannon-Grillox & Lucy Belknap, 22
  4. Bob Coyle & Ken Delpapa, 26
  5. Ted Keenan & Scarlett, 26
Position Sail # Skipper Crew Club Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Total
1 30903 Cam Fraser Liz Fraser MBC 1 1 1 1 5 1 5
2 31685 Scarlett MacRae Jocko MacRae WBC 7 2 2 5 4 3 16
3 29499 Julia Shannon-Grillox Lucy Belknap Tufts 4 7 12 6 3 2 22
4 28542 Bob Coyle Ken Delpapa MBC 14 8 3 8 2 5 26
5 29955 Ted Keenan Scarlett WBC 5 5 7 3 6 11 26
6 28442 Sue Lodico Jan Tabor WBC 2 10 13 11 1 4 28
7 31566 Joel Zackin Ben Braverman QYC 8 4 9 2 8 7 29
8 31280 Adam Rousmaniere Jen Rousmaniere WBC 6 3 4 14 12 8 33
9 31508 Bridget Waitrowski Jeremiah McCarthy WBC 10 6 5 4 13 15 38
10 29727 Julia Fuller Sara Makaretz WBC 9 11 8 7 9 12 44
11 30999 Martin Fraser Ali/Rose MBC 3 13 14 13 7 10 46
12 30470 Kerry O’Brien Ann Walt MBC 15 9 6 15 10 14 54
13 31077 Simon Vergese John MBC 16 17 10 9 15 6 56
14 25412 Samantha Jensen Leo Terry Tufts 11 12 15 10 16 9 57
15 3040 Ian Mutnick Olin Mutnick WBC 12 15 11 12 11 17 61
16 29008 Venkat Chalasani Adrian Chalasani WBC 13 16 16 16 14 13 72
17 29972 Pete Bronk Gabe Bronk MBC 17 14 17 17 17 17 82

The 2021 Mystic Lake Open – At Last!

by Martin Fraser

Our 47th annual regatta was held to great success despite some minor impediments. For the first time ever, this September Medford Boat Club tradition was held in October due to 2 MAJOR events being held locally. The North American Championship hosted by Jubilee Yacht Club in Beverly, and the Western Hemisphere and Orient Championship held at Cottage Park Yacht Club in Winthrop pretty much consumed the entire month – dictating that our gathering be pushed off to October 2-3.

Participants with trophies and a becalmed Mystic!

This necessary accommodation did impact our attendance. Between the date change and pandemic, we were happy to have 17 boats on the line. Saturday brought a nice if slightly shifty Southwesterly and our fleet was joined on the lake by a couple dozen Tufts collegiate boats sailing in the Lark Invite making for an exciting sailing scene! Race committee chr Art Rousmaniere managed to set some very good courses while avoiding excessive entanglements and with the able assistance of Scott Fraser, Susan Bronk and Teresa Mathai races went off without a hitch!

Newlyweds Cam and Liz Fraser showed that married life suits them as they knocked off 2 firsts before we broke for lunch. They were followed by Sue Lodico and Jan Tabor, second, and M Fraser and crew Ali in the first and by Co-Skippers Scarlett and Jocko MacRae(past MLO champ) and Son/Mom team Adam and Jen Rousmaniere (also a past champ). A leisurely lunch arranged by Bob Coyle was finally curtailed by Art’s harbor gun and we returned to the same breeze, solid in direction, if a bit puffier. RC pulled off 3 more races in efficient fashion and Cam and Liz were unrelenting, ripping off 2 more firsts (one by more than half a leg on the W-4 course!) – they were relegated to 5th in the 5th race, recovering from an OCS. Race 3 saw Team MacRae with another second and Bob Coyle and crew Ken Delpapa third. The 4th race featured the Travel Distance award winner, Joel Zackin with crew Ben Braverman in second and Ted Keenan with crew Scarlett third. In race 5, team Lodico/Tabor were again able to shine, leading wire to wire for the only First not taken by cam and Liz. Tufts sailing team of Julia Shannon-Grillox and Lucy Belknap took second with Team MacRae third.

That was enough sailing for one day and the fleet retired to appetizers and beverages followed by an excellent meal of Chinese food – many sailors expressed pleasure that the MLO had reverted to its traditional Chinese fare for the dinner. Immediately after diner the sailors adjourned to the Bocci Courts for the one unifying tradition of the MLO – the Bocci Tournament! Cam and Liz, under the watchful eye of Joel Zackin, organized a spirited contest, keeping all sailors and volunteers involved until a championship team was declared – the Joel and Ben Braverman took the honors!

Sunday brough a different story – the 10:00 start time seemed feasible and boats got on the line greeted by a lighter Northerly. RC got the race off, but, as our late regatta founder Jim Fraser used to say – “on Sunday morning the wind goes to church!” The breeze slackened and we barely crawled around the W-4 course and paddled to the dock awaiting more favorable conditions. Still Cam and Liz were not to be denied under any conditions and won the race handily, with team Tufts and team MacRae ghosting along behind.

Conditions never convinced the organizers that fair racing could be offered and after waiting an hour the 3 blasts were sounded and sailors proceeded to enjoy lunch and beer and wine.

Trophies were awarded, including some very nice shirts and canvas bags donated by Venkat and Tanya Chalasani (Thank You!) which went to the Top Junior, shared by Hanna and Scarlett MacRae, and to the Bocci Champions, Joel and Ben – well done.

In a special moment it was noted that the perpetual trophy, the Commodore James Hugh Fraser Trophy, was awarded to Jim’s Grandson Cam and wife Liz – which would have made him most proud.

Martin Fraser, Chr.




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