Comodoro Rasco Regatta

Miami, FL, USA February 4, 2024

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Miami, FL, USA February 4, 2024. Three races completed on Saturday. No races on Sunday due to tornado warning and danger of lightning. Final results after 3 races:

  1. Ernesto Rodriguez & Alexandra Damley-Strnad, 3
  2. Enrique Quintero & Charlie Bess, 8
  3. Doug Hart & Taylor Scheuermann, 12
  4. Bradley Adam & Thomas Walker, 14
  5. Augie Diaz & Marina Cano, 18

1. 31337, , Ernesto Rodriguez/Alexandra Damley-Strnad, RHYC, 1-1-1- ; 3   
2. 31640, MAQ, Enrique Quintero/Charlie Bess, Coral Reef Yacht Club, 4-2-2- ; 8   
3. 31297, , Doug hart/Taylor Scheuermann, Mission Bay Yacht Club, 3-4-5- ; 12   
4. 29044, , Bradley Adam/Thomas Walker, Severn Sailing Association, 5-3-6- ; 14   
5. 30288, Danilu, Augie Diaz/Marina Cano, Coconut Grove Sailing Club, 2-5-11- ; 18T   
6. ARG 12733, Leandro, Micky Costa/Feargal Finlay, RCNPalma, 6-8-4- ; 18T   
7. 31770, Pickle Rick, Evan Hoffmann/Drew Follett, San Diego Yacht Club, 7-9-7- ; 23   
8. 31300, Geaux Fast, Peter Foley/Watt Duffy, CRYC, 8-10-8- ; 26   
9. 31638, , Robert Ramirez/Bryan Stout, New York Yacht Club, 25/UFD-6-3- ; 34T   
10. 3177, American standard, Scott Hoffmann/Jillian Aydelotte, Florida Man Sailing Association, 11-7-16- ; 34T   
11. 31313, Old Folks Boogie, Alex Pline/Lisa Pline, Severn Sailing Association, 9-14-12- ; 35   
12. 30283, Echo, Roberto Guaragna/Alejandra Harris, Miami Fleet 7, 10-16-15- ; 41T   
13. 30288-0, , Luke Ingalls/Jacqueline Morrison, Sakonnet Yacht Club, 12-15-14- ; 41T   
14. 30888, La bala de Jaimanita, Roberto Lizano/Martin Raidel, Royal Hialeah Yacht club, 13-21-9- ; 43   
15. 31013, , John Tagliamonte/Scarlett Koller, Winchester Boat Club, 14-17-13- ; 44   
16. BRA 31472, Black Belt, Luiz Felipe Caneppa/Oliver Holt, Icrj, 25/UFD-11-10- ; 46   
17. 31790, , Amanda Kremer/Ryan Schubert, Union Sailing Club, 17-12-20- ; 49   
18. 28812,, Rafael Jarauta/Katrina Washburn, Miami Fleet, 15-18-18- ; 51   
19. 311, Porkchop Express, Andrew Watters/Anna Flynn, None, 16-19-19- ; 54   
20. 31144, Buccaneer Sloop, Ernesto Sanchez/Katherine Ann Shermock, Saint Petersburg, 25/UFD-13-17- ; 55   
21. 29775, Shiitake, Joe Frey/Michel Durieux, Lincoln Sailing Club, 18-24-21- ; 63   
22. 29511, Searching for the edge, Caio Gerassi/Ana Patrice Lynch Smith, GVI, 19-22-25/DNC- ; 66T   
23. 30391, Purple Haze, Adam Field/Sebastian Mettes, Union Sailing Club, 20-23-23- ; 66T   
24. 31847, Snipeovation, Charles Green/Laura Varella, US Sailing Center, 25/UFD-20-22- ; 67   


By Steve Herman

Two dozen Snipes came to CGSC on February 3rd and 4th to race in the 55th Annual Comodoro Manuel Rasco Snipe Regatta, and what they found was a “Tale of Two Weather Patterns”.  PRO Shannon Bush, who had to make some hard decisions, was studying the forecasts all weekend.

On Saturday, looking at no morning wind, we delayed on shore for two hours.  Once we arrived at the starting area at 1pm, the sailors were faced with light winds that varied from 130 to 190 degrees, and a current that wanted to push them over the starting line.  It took seven (7!) attempted starts and 80 minutes before race 1 started.  Finally, the still-light winds built somewhat and settled in between 135 and 140 degrees.  The Snipes got in three races in pleasant weather, and the Fleet returned to land for dinner at CGSC followed by dancing at the Mayfair.

But oh, what a difference a day makes.  Sunday’s forecast was for a major storm front to pass through at noon, with high winds, lightning, and tornado warnings.  There would not be enough time to race after the storm passed through, so an announcement that we were abandoning for the day was made at the 9:30am competitor’s meeting.  The three other racing fleets on the Bay had all cancelled before us.  The fleet proceeded to do awards.  Per Rasco tradition, we all sang “La Bomba” while the eight winners (one at a time) chugged from the victory bowl and sang back to us.  In deference to the early hour, Sprite was substituted for alcohol.   Our PRO said “That was the most fun awards ceremony I’ve been to in a very long time!”

The following winners were announced at the Awards:

  1st place — Ernesto Rodriguez & Alexandra Damley-Strnad

  2nd place — Enrique Quintero & Charlie Bess

  3rd place – Doug Hart & Taylor Scheuermann

  Aicardi (newcomer) award: Luke Ingalls & Jaqueline Morrison

The signal boat was Jay Flynn’s Elizabeth Belle.  Crewing on the CGSC Race Committee boats were Allen Cox, Carol Cottrell, Don Deresz, Don Libbey, Esther DiLeo, Gail Miller, Kathy Gunst, Lorenzo Mesa, Scott Kaufman, Shannon Bush, Sonia Diaz, Stacy Morris, Steve Herman, Susan Mohorcic, Susan Walcutt, and Tom O’Brien.

Thank you to all involved for a very successful regatta.



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