Trofeu Marina Prada – Women’s Cup

Guarapiranga, Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 18, 2023

Trofeu Marina Prada – Women’s Cup Image
Photo courtesy of Luhan Grolla

Guarapiranga, Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 18, 2023. Final results after 3 races:

  1. Marina Heinke & Bruna Patricio, 7
  2. Ana Julia Tenorio & Maria Hackerott, 7
  3. Cartiane Martins & Daniela Naegli, 12
  4. Paola Prada & Ana Beatriz de Araujo, 16
  5. Ana Clara Mantovani & Mariana Guimaraes

Report by Paola Prada

For the fifth year we could celebrate Women’s Sailing at the Guarapiranga reservoir and the host the Trofeu Marina, Prada.
The autumn sunny days allowed us complete three of the six planned races.

Saturday we all started rigging & knowing the boats to get ready for the races. There were women from Vitoria (Espirito Santo), Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, Ilhabela, Caraguatatuba and Billings. The wind was capricious and for the most part of the day just showed up in occasional puffs, we waited at the club until 15:30 and then the PRO Ale Ferraz lowered the AP and we headed to the race course and had a very good race with winds from 7 to 10 knots. Coming back to the Yacht Club Paulista the snipedivas could get together around pink bubbly drinks and snacks.

Sunday the race was planned for 13:00, we had some difficulties to find a racecourse around the lake with sufficient wind and no “floating plants isles”. We managed to have two very good races with winds from 8 to 12 knots.

The crew formed by Marina Heinke and Bruna Patrício won the trophy for the second year in a row! Anna Julia Tenorio from Ilhabela and Maria Hackerott got the second place. The new former crew of Cartiane Martins from Vitoria and Daniela Naegeli from SP got the 3rd place.
The purpose of this regatta is to gather women in sailing, promoting sorority, union and partnership. A women’s only regatta always brings new sailors to the Snipe world, and almost all of them go on sailing Snipes during the year, and some that sail other classes come back to the women’s regattas every year.

Marina Prada was as amazing woman and my grand mother. The perpetual prize for the regata is a pewter dish from the home. She passed away in 2019, the year of the first “Troféu Marina Prada”. She was the kind of woman that would have loved this gatherings around bubbling rosè drinks, exchanging experiences and stories about life and sailing. At her time she sailed a couple of times in big boats from friends like the “Atrevida” (in a picture here from 1960).

Paola Prada,
proud granddaughter, SnipeDiva, SCIRA WH&A GS



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