Carolyn Nute Regatta

Mission Bay, CA, USA, October 29, 2023

Carolyn Nute Regatta Image

Mission Bay, CA, USA, October 29, 2023. Final results after 7 races (1 discard):

  1. Randy Lake & Na Na, 9
  2. Aimee Heim & Lorelei & Parker Heim, 16
  3. Mary Barker & ??, 22
  4. Owen Fretwell & Efe Derman 27
  5. David Tillson & Paige Tillson, 29
1Randy Lake
Na Na
USA 31298NoneSdyc91413[5]1112
2Aimee Heim
Lorelei & Parker Heim
USA 28858NoneSDYC1639211453[DNC – 23]
3Mary BakerUSA 29151El SlammoMBYC223042[8]3643
4Owen Fretwell
Efe Derman
USA 29248NoneMBYC273675[9]8421
5David Tillson
Paige Tillson
USA 30109NoneMBYC29365[7]66264
6Charles Miller
Lindsey Kloc
USA 30904NoneSdyc3149392[18]755
7Ryan Ratliffe
Megan Lansdale
USA 29439Figgin2GeddaliftMBYC4162863[21]996
8Mateo Vargas
Carter Cameron
USA 30337Burrito TimeSt. Francis YC/Carolina YC SC466191042[15]138
9Ty Beach
Alex Markworth
USA 29702NoneMission Bay YC5373134[20]143712
10Bob Bowden
Grace Fang
USA 31439NoneMBYC59766111410108[17]
11Matt Hecht
Victoria Boatwright
USA 109NoneSDYC6077[17]147913107
12Sean Kaseburg
Paul Kaseburg
USA 31256NoneMBYC6382148[19]781610
13Dick Davidson
Brian Fitzsimmons
USA 30017OptionalMBYC719015[19]155111411
14Packy DavisUSA 30733NoneStfyi71871213[16]1114129
15Blake Buckner
Charlotte Hinman
USA TBDNoneSWYC83105[22]121020161114
16Colin Krebs
Carlin Fretwell
USA 28225NoneMBYC88107[19]181317121513
17Erik Hallback
Elly McGuire
USA 29672NoneMBYC97117[20]151813181716
18Kenneth RedlerUSA 29315The RockMBYC10012310161216[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23
19Bert Tietje
Alena Philpot
USA 28468NuSanta Monica Windjammers Yacht Club10212316[21]2115171815
20Seth Siegler
Manuela Lobato
USA 28687AFKMission Bay Yacht Club10412711171119[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23
21Sean Adams
Jenny Adams
USA 30550NoneMbyc11313618201712[DNC – 23]DNC – 23DNC – 23
22Gabriel RiosUSA 29694La MareaSMWYC1211442122[UFD – 23]22191918



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