US Nationals – Final

US Nationals – Final Image
Photo courtesy of Matias Capizzano

San Diego, CA, USA, July 16, 2022. Ernesto Rodriguez and Kathleen Tocke won the US Nationals. Justin Callahan & Aiden Hoogland won the Junior division.

Final results after 8 races (1 discard):

  1. Ernesto Rodriguez & Kathleen Tocke, 19
  2. Augie Diaz & Christine De Silva, 22
  3. Arthur Blodgett & Grace Howie, 40
  4. Enrique Quintero & Charlie Bess, 45
  5. Evan Hoffmann & Shira Golub, 61

San Diego, CA (July 15, 2022) Ernesto Rodriguez and Kathleen Tocke are officially the winners of the 2022 Snipe US National Championship! Over the past four days, this duo has proved themselves worthy of the champion title. Rodriguez and Tocke placed in the top three in six out of the eight races of the regatta. They’re not deemed the SSL Snipe World Ranked no. 1 team for nothing.

Rodriguez and Tocke concluded the regatta with a total of 19 points, only 3 points ahead of overall second place finishers Augie Diaz and Christine De Silva. Third place overall was earned by Arthur Blodgett and Grace Howie with 40 points.

It was not with ease that Rodriguez and Tocke won the regatta. The competition was tight, especially with Diaz and De Silva on their ankles. Rodriguez commented, “It was a tough regatta with tough conditions. We were fortunate today to have a really good first race. We were going into the last day with Augie a couple of points behind us. We ended up using our drop on the second race and that was good enough to win the regatta. But, I felt like Augie sailed better than us. In fact, I realized that in eight races, we only beat him in three. That’s how tough sailing is. It could have went either way.”

Up next for Rodriguez and Tocke is the 2022 Snipe World Championship this August. Several boats sailing this week will be joining the team back on the water for another round of competition. See the Entry List here.

The final day of the Snipe US National Championship got off to late start, with a delay due to winds at a mere 3 knots. At 5 knots, SDYC’s Race Committee set the course and race seven was underway. Mary Baker and Trisha Kelly had a great run and finished race seven in first place. Baker and Kelly were the also the top placing all female team for the regatta! Rodriguez and Tocke followed in second place and Enrique Quintero and Charlie bess in third.

The last race, race eight, was the final chance for competitors to work their way up the scoresheet, and it was another slow and steady race. It took the fleet nearly 20 minutes to make it to the weather mark. Augie Diaz and Christine De Silva beat the fleet to the finish line, with Randy Lake and Maddy McGrath in second and David and Paige Tillson in third. Rodriguez and Tocke finished 11th in the race, but thankfully for the allotted throw out, it did not get in the way of their overall success.

There was no shortage of talented sailors on the water this week. Juniors and seniors alike came to San Diego Yacht Club ready to compete in four days of intense sailing among the best. But, this week of sailing was more than that. It was an opportunity for juniors to race against their mentors, for newbies to get experience in the fleet, and for families to experience racing together. In the fleet of 50, you could find several boats of couples, even more of parent and children duos, and even a sibling team. These teams are proof of the Snipes fleet greatest qualities: competitive, inclusive, and fun.

The junior sailors on the course did especially well competing against long-time fleet members. The final overall Junior scores place Justin Callahan and Aiden Hoogland in first place. Trevor Davis and Ale Torres had a great regatta with three bullets to come in second. Peter Busch and Cam Spriggs also placed consistently well over the four days to finish in third. Five of the eight junior teams competing finished in the top half of the fleet. 

“I don’t think the Juniors here are the future, I think they’re the present. They were giving us a hard time at every rounding mark. I’ve heard comments from a few juniors telling me how they didn’t realize how good the Snipe is and how tough the fleet is. I think they’re going to be here for a while!” stated Rodriguez.

After the racing, competitors and their families were invited to the Awards Ceremony to relish in their accomplishments. Winners received an array of awards, some provided by Sailing Supply. All enjoyed snacks provided by Geaux Fast Sailing, cocktails by Old Harbor Distilling, and cold beer from Bay City Brewing.

(Source: San Diego Yacht Club)

1Ernesto Rodriguez
Kathleen Tocke
USA 3133731NoneMiami Snipe Fleet19303221632[11]
2Augie Diaz
Christine De Silva
USA 3028809DaniluCoconut Grove SC2240118641[18]1
3Arthur Blodgett
Grace Howie
USA 3047318La Flama BlancaSSA/Larchmont YC40569[16]3324109
4Enrique Quintero
Charlie Bess
USA 3114439MAQCRYC/ Chase Performance458013479183[35]
5Evan Hoffmann
Shira Golub
USA 3177001Pickle RickSan Diego YC6186811111719[25]4
6Randy Lake
Maddy McGrath
USA 3129822NoneSan Diego YC711221085818[OCS – 51]202
7Justin Callahan
Aiden Hoogland
USA 1313004NoneBiscayne Bay YCJuniors7510525610213118[30]
8Gavin O’Hare
Holly OHare
USA 3062946Unfinished WorkOBYC8512241334[37]107413
9George Szabo
Diana Waterbury
USA 3144134NoneSan Diego YC89114185151323105[25]
10Carter Cameron
Harrison Strom
USA 3033740Burrito TimeCarolina YC8911572017[26]112266
11Robert Ramirez
Kate Sheahan Herron
USA 3163843NoneNew York YC941241776[30]212797
12Trevor Davis
Ale Torres
USA 2994037Bad Panda RacingSevern Sailing AssociationJuniors97135[38]33620522110
13David Tillson
Paige Tillson
USA 3010913NoneMission Bay YC1001271222[27]191216163
14Mary Baker
Trisha Kelly
USA 2915103El slammoMission Bay YC1031421110[39]152821117
15Bradley Adam
Nikki Bruno
USA 2904442NoneSevern Sailing Association10713822520[31]20131314
16Stephen Momeier
Watt Duffy
USA 3130047Geaux FastOBYC/GeauxFastSailingNone108144612221622624[36]
17Andrew Pimental
Megan Place
USA 3179026NoneSail Newport, Inc116167281813491529[DNS – 51]
18Eric Heim
Lorelei Heim
USA 2885814Penny BenjaminSan Diego YC122162191735[40]3201216
19Trevor Long
Kaila Pfrang
USA 3032430Impact WarningEastern YC12817923232112261211[OCS – 51]
20Carol Cronin
Kim Couranz
USA 3129506NoneSevern Sailing Association13016616[36]42717172227
21Peter Busch
Cam Spriggs
USA 1286824NoneSan Diego YCJuniors1311643015111415[33]1432
22Devon Owen
Ben Conroy
USA 2990710NoneSan Diego YCJuniors135171[36]321253023726
23Gene Ratliffe
Ryan Ratliffe
USA 2943948NoneMission Bay YC13516721991824[32]2331
24Diego Escobar
Ximena Escobar
USA 2895507Red StripeFleet 495Juniors13716715292529295[30]5
25Alex Pline
Lisa Pline
USA 3131308Old Folks BoogieSevern Sailing Association13917526262471625[36]15
26Rick Arneson
Nick Dorn
USA 3080002Green FlashSan Diego YC15219014191428[38]34358
27Aine Fretwell
Carlin Fretwell
USA 2924841MauriceMission Bay YC1531955332932141426[42]
28Tarasa Davis
Gus Wirth
USA 2967112T-TimeFleet 330 – Atlanta159198202128[39]893934
29Packy Davis
Julie Calvert
USA 3073327In the waySt Francis YC159201272430[42]27181518
30Ken Redler
Kenyon Redler
USA 2931521The RockMission Bay YC1752143514261731[39]2824
31Don Bedford
Ava North
USA 3111420Old and In The WayMission Bay YC177228222741[OCS – 51]34241712
32Owen Fretwell
Efe Derman
USA 2885711NoneMission Bay YCJuniors18722231[35]163525302723
33Seth Siegler
Cragan Smith
USA 2868736Street Fighter (fka)Mission Bay YC18922937342310[40]293422
34Eric Reinke
Stacey Szabo
USA 3135732NoneSevern Sailing Association191236243918[45]19263233
35Robert Bowden
Brian Fitzsimmons
USA 3143944Liquid RodeoMission Bay YC206240[34]30323333283119
36Marianna Shand
Blake Buckner
USA 2822535NoneMission Bay YCJuniors2092533228[44]2241381929
37Aimee Heim
Amy Benner
USA 2964628NoneSan Diego YC217260[43]31332336363721
38Shea McGrath
Sean Ross
USA 3011305NoneMission Bay YCJuniors2462913338[45]3642374020
39Stuart Robertson
Alex Fisher
USA 2910929Lia HonaMission Bay YC2522954137[43]4335353328
40Sean Adams
Evan Charles
USA 3055049NoneMission Bay YC26030639423125[46]424239
41Charles Lindsay
Jett Miller
USA 2867950NoneMIT26331448[DNF – 51]192139OCS – 514144
42Ryan Schubert
Amanda Kremer
USA 3061825NoneFleet 210 – Rocky Mountain271318464037383240[47]38
43Steve Moses
Ellen Wesley
USA 3074338AARP XpressCalifornia YC2723232941[DNS – 51]4443314440
44Connor Chung
Abigail Lee
USA 2935645NoneOther | Non – JSA285336424642243743[DNC – 51]DNC – 51
45Lynsi Gibbons
Alice Maestri
USA 2885416NoneFleet 49528933640434634[47]464337
46Charles Green
Sarah Smith
USA 3177619Forever YoungUS Sailing Center Miami296344454538414541[48]41
47Dick Davidson
Ben Davidson
USA 3001723Soup KitchenMission Bay YC30635447474046[48]453843
48Stephan Irgens
Monica Irgens
USA 2847015Red BoatCCSA3183694444[DNS – 51]DNC – 5144444645
49Andy Meyerpeter
Nick Newman
USA 3065217EileenFleet 123393904948[DNC – 51]DNC – 5149474946
50Brian Smith
Brittany Smith
USA 2504633NoneUnion Sailing Club351402[DNS – 51]DNC – 51DNC – 51DNC – 51DNC – 51DNC – 5145DNC – 51

US Junior Nationals:

  1. Justin Callahan & Aiden Hoogland, 13
  2. Trevor Davis & Ale Torres, 20
  3. Peter Busch & Cam Spriggs, 23
  4. Diego Escobar & Ximena Escobar, 25
  5. Devon Owen & Ben Conroy, 27
1Justin Callahan
Aiden Hoogland
USA 1313004NoneBiscayne Bay YCJuniors13202211232[7]
2Trevor Davis
Ale Torres
USA 2994037Bad Panda RacingSevern Sailing AssociationJuniors2028[8]1641152
3Peter Busch
Cam Spriggs
USA 1286824NoneSan Diego YCJuniors23313323363[8]
4Diego Escobar
Ximena Escobar
USA 2895507Red StripeFleet 495Juniors2532155652[7]1
5Devon Owen
Ben Conroy
USA 2990710NoneSan Diego YCJuniors2734[7]6326415
6Owen Fretwell
Efe Derman
USA 2885711NoneMission Bay YCJuniors34414[7]474564
7Marianna Shand
Blake Buckner
USA 2822535NoneMission Bay YCJuniors384654757[8]46
8Shea McGrath
Sean Ross
USA 3011305NoneMission Bay YCJuniors48566[8]888783



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