Miami Snipe Invite – Under 30 Regatta

Miami Snipe Invite – Under 30 Regatta Image

(Photo courtesy of Kathleen Tocke/Miami Snipes)

Miami, FL, USA, January 1-2, 2022. The work that the Miami Fleet has done and is doing in promoting the Snipe Class among junior and under 30 sailors is incredible and commendable.

Those who follow the Class carefully even outside their national borders or outside their continent know that the activity of this fleet, with the Miami Snipe Invite, as well as with the Miami Women’s Invite, is unparalleled in other fleets and deserves our applause.

Thanks to the selflessness and dedication of some people over the course of at least a decade young sailors or female sailors have approached the Snipe.

Moreover, thanks to the clinics and training, the level of the sailors from the Miami area (which includes Ft. Lauderdale) is among the highest in the world: : excellent sailors such as Augie Diaz (current WH&O champion with Barbie Brotons), Ernesto Rodriguez and Kathleen Tocke (current European and North American champions and top skipper and crew in the Snipe SSL ranking), Enrique Quintero, Charlie Bess, Arthur Blodgett, Taylor Scheuermann, Peter and Connie Commette share their knowledge and therefore raise the average level of the local sailors.

Some events such as the Comodoro Rasco, the Ron Payne Ocean Regatta and the Don Q are classic regattas, known all over the world.

The Snipe Class must thank and take an example from “Miami Snipes“, Fleet 7 Miami and its members. To name a few: High Command Gonzalo “Old man” Diaz, Fleet Captain Charlie Bess, Event coordinator and media person Kathleen Tocke, Lauderdale coordinator Peter Commette and last but not least Augie Diaz.

MSI Awards:
  1. Jensen McTighe & John Monahan, 15 pst. (Fort Lauderdale)
  2. Ivan Shestopalov & Lexi Pline, 17 pts. (Miami & Annapolis)
  3. Bradley Adam & Trevor Davis, 19 pts. (Annapolis)
  4. Scott Ewing & Nikki Bruno, 20 pts. (Miami & Annapolis)
  5. Trevor Long & Kayla Pfang, 25 pts. (Boston)

Top Women’s Team

  • Charlie Bess & Carrie Marshall (Miami & Newport)

Top Junior (U19 Skipper)



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