All Japan University Championship – Final

All Japan University Championship – Final Image

(Photo courtesy of Bulkhead Magazine)

Gamagori, Japan, November 7, 2021. On the final day of the “86th All Japan University Championship” held in Gamagori, Aichi Prefecture, on November 7, the wind was light and the race could not be held. Waseda University won in the Snipe Class and took the overall victory (Snipe+470) for the second time in a row.

Snipe Class 72 boats, results after 6 races:

  1. Waseda University 214p
  2. Keio University 310p
  3. Japan University 313p
  4. Kyoto University 315p
  5. Doshisha University 371p
  6. Meikai University 409p
  7. Fukuoka University 444p
  8. Meiji University 535p

Overall (Snipe+470)

  1. Waseda University 429p
  2. Japan University 446p
  3. Keio University 672p
  4. Doshisha University 874p
  5. Kyoto University 940p



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