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(Photos courtesy of Bill Swanton)


George Szabo claims 2019 Minneford Skipper Title; Margaux Bacro takes the Crew Title

155 registered Snipe members skippered, and 113 others crewed in at least one of the 22 US regattas that were tagged as being one of the Minneford series. As a reminder, this series consists of pre-determined regattas where skippers and crews are scored using a modified high-point system. Using this system, attending more regattas is rewarded, as is sailing regattas with more numbers. Unofficial Ironman titles were snagged by Lee Griffith as skipper and his crew Nikki Bruno, who sailed 8 series regattas (coincidentally in the same boat!!). 35 skippers and 22 crews competed in at least three of the series regattas.


Top Overall Finishers

George Szabo, fleet 495 (7 regattas)        Top placing skipper and master skipper
Margaux Bacro, fleet 7 (5 regattas)          Top Placing crew, master crew and woman crew
Carol Cronin, fleet 17 (6 regattas)             Top Woman skipper
Tyler Mowry, fleet 532 (3 regattas)          Top Junior skipper
Alyssa Hall, fleet 231 (2 regattas)              Top Junior crew

Top Skipper per District
1:  Carol Cronin, fleet 17 (6 regattas)
2:  Ryan Schubert, fleet 210 (4 regattas)
3:  Jno Disch, fleet 747 (3 regattas)
4:  Ernesto Rodriguez, fleet 7 (5 regattas)
6:  George Szabo, fleet 495 (7 regattas)
7:  Packy Davis, fleet 12 (2 regattas)

Top Crew per District
1: Kim Couranz, fleet 532 (5 regattas)
2: Mary Buckley, fleet 567 (4 regattas)
3: Keisha Meyer, fleet 433 (3 regattas)
4: Margaux Bacro, fleet 7 (5 regattas)
6: Diana Waterbury, fleet 495 (7 regattas)
7: none

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