All Japan Championship – Final

Lake Biwa, November 17, 2013. Demichi and Yanagihasi are the new Japanese Champions.

No races on the last day, so the results didn’t change.

Final Result
1:Demichi/Yanagihasi 15P (2009 All Japan Champion)
2:Kondo/Ishikawa 37P (2011 All Japan Champion)
3:Hashimoto/Murayama 42P
4:Takagi/Uruya 46P
5:Ooi/Sakai 48P (2012 All Japan 2nd)
6:Matsunaga/Nomiyama 52P (2012 470 All Japan Champion,2008 Bejin Olympic 470 7th)
7:Nishimura/Kitagawa 53P (2012 College Snipe Champion)
8:Kamiya/Yamauchi 68P (2012 All Japan 4th)
9:Doi/Kai 78P
10:Shimamoto/Kushida 86P (2013 Jr. Snipe Worlds 2nd)


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