Ready, GO! Prepare your boat to be compliant

Ready, GO! Prepare your boat to be compliant Image

SnipeToday Webinar

The webinar, open to all interested parties (sailors, measurers, race officers, etc.), will take place on Friday 16 April at 9:00 PM CEST

Antonio Bari, the rules guru of the Snipe Class, will explain to us, in an online conference, how to prepare our boat to be compliant.

Measurements are often a critical point at main events, either National or International. Altough a boat must always comply with the rules, the Class has established different levels of control, depending on the event. The slides are a comprehensive guide how prepare your Snipe to be compliant.

Link to Google Meet:

Link to SnipeToday YouTube Channel:

Central European Summer Time: 9:00 PM

Western European Summer Time: 8:00 PM

Eastern European Summer Time: 10:00 PM

Japan: 4:00 AM

EDT: 3:00 PM

PDT: 12:00 PM

CDT: 2:00 PM

Rio de Janeiro: 4:00 PM

Buenos Aires: 4.00 PM




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