Changes to Class Rules C.5.1 – “Portable Equipment”

Changes to Class Rules C.5.1 – “Portable Equipment” Image


The Technical Committee, following the suggestion of the SCIRA rule guru Antonio Bari and with the approval of the SCIRA Board, has modified the Class Rule C.5.1 Portable equipment.

“Any electronic or mechanical timing devices” will no longer be allowed. In their place will be allowed “any sandglass timer.”

Furthermore, “Any multi-function electronic compass with steering and time functions only” will not be admitted.

The only compasses allowed will be magnetic.

Antonio Bari declared that he was very satisfied with the change: “Cheaters are part of the history of our Class. It was intolerable to see many sailors using watches that have now become real computers that allow even trained monkeys to start perfectly at full speed on the line and to tack on even the slightest header. It was impossible to check that all watches or electronic compasses were not equipped with GPS. With sandglasses and magnetic compasses it will be impossible to cheat.”

The Board, invoking the “extraordinary circumstances” clause, decided that the rule should be retroactive to 1 January 2023. Therefore all the regatta results starting from that date will be drastically rewritten and there will be big surprises; for example, the winners of the WH&A Championship.



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