Antartica will host the 2021 Snipe Worlds

Antartica will host the 2021 Snipe Worlds Image


After the postponement of the next Olimpyc Games, SCIRA immediately started to seek a new place to host the 2021 World Championship (initially assigned to Enoshima (JPN) same venue of the Olimpics regattas).

The Past Commodore has been put on charge to deliver also that task, so he immediately left Italy, just before the current lock-down due to Covid-19 crisis, and flew to check some new venues for the next Snipe World Championship in Antartica.

That’s because the Past Commodore thought that thanks to climate change, Antartica allowed several different venues for snipe racing, also to properly promote the Class in a new and untouched before Continent .., we tried to convince him Tropical belt would be anytime better.

But you know the Past Commodore how stubborn he can be, so he flew in Antartica!

So stay connected about next up-dates, hopefully we’ll have the Past Commodore back briefly …  not earlier then he’ll have convinced that poor fellow to pay the annual SCIRA fee anyway!! (btw the Past Commodore is the one with red-pants!)



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