2016 US Women’s Nationals NOR Posted

2016 US Women’s Nationals NOR Posted Image

The US Women’s Nationals will be sailed in Beverly, MA July 15-17, 2016, under the watchful eye of Rosie the Snipe Sailor. According to organizer Shan McAdoo, his wife Tarin was the inspiration. “The bandanna was added to put some color in,” he explains. When asked about Rosie’s large bird mitts, Shan shrugs. “I’m actually not sure how she trims or steers.” 

In spite of this detail, the oddsmakers have given Rosie a 50:1 chance of winning the event, since she is the only one who has registered so far. You can change that by going to the Snipe 554 home page and signing up. There will be plenty of charter boats and housing available.

Please plan on sailing or volunteering. If you want to help, get in touch with Shan McAdoo, r19slr at yahoo.com



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