2012 Calendar

2012 Calendar

2012 Calendar




Winter Circuit

   Midwinters                                        March 12-14                Clearwater, Florida

   Don Q                                              March 16-18                Miami, Florida

   Bacardi, Gamblin, Kelly                       March 20-24                Nassau, Bahamas

Criterium di Primavera                         March 30-April 1         San Remo, Italy

South Americans                                   April 1-8                       Manta, Ecuador

Spanish Cup                                         April 28-May 1             Valencia, Spain                      

Majsnipen                                             May 5-6                       Goeteborg, Sweden

Harboe Cup                                         May 26-28                   Espergaerde, Denmark      

South Europeans                                  June 1-3                       Caldonazzo, Italy

Linenburg Cup                                     June 7-9                       Criciuma SC, Brazil

Snipe Open                                          June 16-17                   Pula, Croatia

East Brazilians                                       June 29-July 1               Cabo Frio, Brazil

Helsinki Regatta                                    June 30-July 1               Helsinki, Finland

Kvarner Cup                                        June 30-July 1               Omisalj, Croatia

East European Cup                              June 30-July 2               Gdansk, Poland

Nordic Championship                           July 5-7                         Motala, Sweden                      

Piada Trophy                                        July 6-7                        Talamone, Tuscany, Italy

European Championship                       August 5-14                 Cervia, Italy

South Brazilians                                    September 5-9              Irai, Curitiba, Brazil TBC

World Masters                                      September 11-16          Santiago de la Ribera, Spain

North Americans                                  September 14-16          Toronto, Canada

Women’s Worlds                                  September 18-23          Malaga, Spain

North Brazilians                                    November 15-18          Salvador, Brazil TBC

Western Hemisphere & Orient              November 19-25          Olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentina



National Championships


Brazil                                                    January 24-Feb 8          Aracaju

Colombia                                              February 25-26            Muña

France                                                  March 31-April 1          Troyes

Croatian Masters                                  April 21-22                   Galeb Kostrena YC

Uruguay                                               May 12-13, 19-20       

Croatian Nationals                               May 18-20                   Orion Moscenicka Dragna

Germany                                              June 1-3                       Lake Caldonazzo, Italy

US Nationals                                        June 16-22                   Miami, Florida

Norway                                                June 28-30                    Oslo, Norway

Portugal                                               July 21-23                     Tavira, Algarve, Portugal      

UK Nationals                                        August 18-20               Dale, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Finland                                                 August 24-26               Tampere

Poland                                                 August 24-26                 Lake Kiekrz, Poznan

Poland Junior                                       August 27-28                Lake Kiekrz, Poznan

Sweden                                                August 31-September 2 Lerkil, Sweden

Spanish Masters                                   September 11-16         Santiago de la Ribera, Spain                                                     

US Masters                                           September 21-23          Mission Bay, California

Columbian Youth                                 September 29-30          Portill

Spain                                                   October 7-14               Los Nietos , Spain





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