Fujiya Matsumoto* (JPN) Hall of Fame

Fujiya Matsumoto* (JPN)

2022 inductee


Fujiya Matsumoto was the first Japanese sailor to participate in the Snipe World Championship with Roy Yamaguchi. He participated in the 1964 Olympic Games (Tokyo) as a representative of the 5.5m (on a boat named “Roy”). He was the first Japanese to serve as Commodore of SCIRA (1992). He succeeded in the 1986 WH&O (Enoshima) and the 1989 World Championship (Karatsu).

Fujiya was responsible for creating the Snipe Women’s World Championship and securing the 2 beautiful carved crystal vases in the name of Roy Yamaguchi for the Championship. The first Women’s Worlds were as only Japan could create – fantastic. The Women’s were part of the 3-part Worlds hosted by Japan: The Masters in Gamagori, followed by the Junior Worlds in Mikkabi, and finally the Women’s in Yokohama all held in 1994.