Rules Changes – Submitted Proposals

Rules Changes – Submitted Proposals Image

According to the Decision Making Process,

  1. Rules changes can be submitted (only by National Secretaries, the Rule Committe, the SCIRA Board or 5 Fleet Captains) up to 1st March.
  2. All proposals will be published at the Spring Snipe Bulletin and on website.
  3. The period from March to June will be used for public discussion and also for the Rules Committee recommendations.
  4. The Board will vote all submission on July.
  5. The approved changes will be sent to ISAF (August) for final approval (November).

On March 1, 2016, seven proposals were submitted:

16-01 General Restrictions-ERS

16-02 Constitution – w/ Gen restrictions

16-03 Bylaws – w/ Gen restrictions

16-04 Constitution – new countries/fleets

16-05 Women’s committee

16-06 Roy Yamaguchi Deed of Gift

16-07 Carmen Diaz Trophy Deed of Gift



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