1989 US Snipe Nationals in Miami

1989 US Snipe Nationals in Miami Image

By Gonzalo “Old Man” Diaz

Here is the Snipe Bulletin September 1989. See the cover photo with the black background (the storm).

The cover photo of the snipe bulletin says it all. It shows Ed Adams rounding what I think is the jibing mark with a real black background (the storm coming!!) In that same photo, way back, you can see a snipe that has already put the main down and is on starboard tack heading to Key Biscayne. I bet you that is me!!

There are two nice reports of the storm in the 1989 September Snipe Bulletin pages 11 to 14. One from Charlie Hagedorn and one from me.

I was not that aware in 1989 but I now can tell you that if you see a black storm that covers 180 degrees of the horizon, the word is run for your life!!!

… read the reports …




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