Interview with the photographer: Guillermo Baixauli

Interview with the photographer: Guillermo Baixauli Image

Guillermo Baixauli, sailing photographer from Valencia

– 1) When did you start as a photographer and what sparked that?

I started in 2007 coinciding with the celebration of the 32nd America’s Cup in my city, Valencia.

I left my activity as a car commercial to dedicate myself to my passion, photography.
– 2) When did you first take photos of sailing boats and Snipes?
If I remember correctly, my first photos of sailboats were in 2007 in a BMW sponsored sailing dinghy trophy, “BMW Sailing Series”
– 3) What is your best sailing photograph?
It is very difficult to decide which is my best photo, I have very interesting photos of the catamarans of 33 AC, of TP52 sailing in Valencia, of the RC44 and of course spectacular photos of the Snipe class in different sailing conditions.
– 4) What is the most challenging thing about capturing sailing in photos?
Without a doubt, the most challenging thing is to keep your balance when the waves hit the boat and keep the equipment safe from salt water: GREAT CHALLENGES.
– 5) Do you have a special technique or secret to take pictures of Snipe sailing?
Apart from the personal adjustments I make to the camera to get the most spectacular photos, I think that a technique that works is to take the photographs from the lowest possible point, that is, at the height of the float of the pneumatics.
– 6)Is this Class different from other Classes?
Without a doubt, the Snipe class has its own personality and that is perceived by both sailors and those who see Snipe regattas from outside.
– 7) Which kind of equipment (cameras, lens, drone) do you use?
My equipment for nautical photography consists of two Canon SLR cameras in which I mount a 70-200 as a telephoto lens, a 105mm for medium distances and a multipurpose 17-85 for exits, shore shots and short distances.
– 8) Do you take only photos or are you also filming video?
Normally, always photos, although, on some occasions I have taken small highlights of specific moments of the regatta in order to add value to my work.
– 9) Do you change your technique according to the sailing conditions and light?
Of course, I don’t shoot my photographs the same on a sunny day with a constant wind of 14Knts as a cloudy day with rolling wind and waves. I adapt my technique and the configuration of my cameras to the circumstances to achieve the type of photos that I have in my head.
– 10) What’s your favorite sailing condition for taking photos?
Wind of 15-18 knts, moderate waves and in the afternoon, when the sunlight is warmer and is not as hard as in the morning.
– 11) What regatta or sailing place do you remember with more pleasure?
The truth is that I feel very comfortable taking photos in my city, in Valencia, apart from that we have one of the best regatta courses in the Mediterranean.
One of the recent competitions that I enjoyed the most was the European Masters Championship that was held at the RCN in Valencia with a magnificent organization and in which I felt very comfortable.
– 12) Which would you rather do, sail or take photos of sailing?
Difficult choice, but if I have to choose, I will stick with photography since I can enjoy the competitions on the front line and capture dynamic images, situations of tension or the joy of the victors. My work is very exciting, I definitely love it.
– 13) What is your dream in the peak? (Your sailing photography dream)
My dream would be to be a photographer for an America’s Cup team or cover a world tour like the Ocean Race.
I like the action and I like that my photos transmit it, my goal has always been for the viewer of my photos to feel what I felt at the time of taking them: emotion, competition, life.
– 14) Do you have any advice for budding photographers?
My advice to the beginning nautical photographer would be: “boy, this is not easy: train well, learn, ask and navigate”, you have to practice a lot to develop the intuition that makes you shoot at the right time.



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