14 Questions to … Paola Prada Lorenzi

14 Questions to … Paola Prada Lorenzi Image

Paola Prada Lorenzi, new Brazilian National Secretary, Vice Commodore of the Yacht Clu Paulista and Snipe sailor.

– 1) Your first time on a sailing boat?

December 1978, I participated on a sailing camp for optimists at YCP with my brother, he started sailing right away and it took me another year to start sailing.

– 2) Your first time on a Snipe?

From the optimist to the snipe I had a couple of years trying to find out what class I would fit in… so I tried 420 (two weekends only!)  Laser Radial (not even 1 year), a couple of years at the Holder12 and then my brother that  was sailing snipe, a Lineburger BRA17475 “Patuá”,  with Ricardo “Meia” Grassman decides to change boat. I started sailing with an optimist friend, Daniela “Nyka” Ladeira Rosa, we where the girls from the sailing course, we sailed together until 1992 when life made us slow down the sailing…

– 3) The most bizarre thing that happened in a regatta?

This was the question that was holding me back to return the questionnaire, you see, I have a lot of fun with my crew Georgia Bruder, and at least once a day we have a situation we laugh out loud… hard to pick just one! There was this time we were sailing around not a regata, just sailing… and this kite surf got his chords entangled in the top of our mast. Someone passed by and told us that the solution was to capsize the snipe to take it of swimming around. We tried everything to capsize and we were not able to do it. We ended up untying the knots so get rid of the kite. As soon as we got back sailing I looked at the centerboard and the security line was tied, but not to the centerboard… we would lose it for sure…

– 4) What is the thing that most angers you in a race/regatta?

Very few things can make me angry while sailing, that been said… I don’t like to be around unfair sailors.

– 5) Which is the race/regatta that you remember with the most pleasure?

I don’t have a favorite memory… As I don’t sail aiming to win, but to have fun, all the regattas are remembered with a smile!

– 6) And the race/regatta you would like to forget?

I don’t remember *wink*

– 7) Your “dream in the peak”? (Your sailing dream?)

Sail as many new places as possible!

– 8) Sailing goals for 2019, and beyond?

Immediate goal to 2019: having inherited a very busy year (Snipe Worlds and Junior Worlds in IlhaBela) from Rafael Gagliotti at the national secretary, I aim to make it all happen smoothly with a lot of serious sailing and tons of serious fun!

And Beyond? Well then we have the Women’s Worlds in 2020 where I hope to see all the sailing girlfriends we made in Newport 2018 and make new acquaintances!!!

– 9) The most important people for you in sailing and in the Snipe?

Well, obviously my parents that at the beginning would take us to all the regattas, would help us with maintenance, would follow the regattas to make us feel safe!

And in the Snipe? Well that would be the snipe sailors! Nice people that are always willing to help, to rig, to teach and to have some beer after the regattas!

– 10) Why the Snipe?

Awesome class, fun sailors, very democratic regarding everything regattas everywhere and also… a high boom!!!

– 11) Your perfect sailing venue and your perfect sailing conditions?

I’m a lake sailor… I’m happy and comfortable with lake conditions, I like a social wind, strong enough to make us hike, but not too strong to bend stuff on the boat.

– 12) Besides sailing which other sport do you practice?

I sail!

– 13) Are you superstitious?

Well… I keep the cork of the Prosecco used on the christening of our boat “Tangerine” attached to the hiking strap….

-14)Your perfect holiday?

I love to travel, I love to sail, I enjoy being around Snipe sailors, so the perfect holiday would join those factors!



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