14 Questions to … Daniela Semec

14 Questions to … Daniela Semec Image
Photo courtesy of Andrea Carloni

Daniela Semec, from Trieste, Italian National Secretary, Vice-European Secretary and, of course, Snipe sailor.

– 1)       Your first time on a sailing boat?

When I was 18, I met the person that later became the man of my life. He immediately told me that over the years I could ask him for everything except to stop sailing …. and that’s how I found myself on a sailing boat for the first time.

– 2) Your first time on a Snipe?

In 1998, in a difficult moment of our life, we had the opportunity to use the old boat owned by SCIRA Italy (ITA 28771 that you know well), for sailing the Italian Nationals in Riva del Garda. With a car and a loaner trailer we went to the lake. At the first training session we immediately broke the mast with a spectacular capsize. It seemed that everything had to end before the start, but the great Snipe family immediately helped us, allowing us to start and complete the Nationals. The great helpfulness, the kindness and generosity of the Snipe sailors and the convivial environment conquered us.

– 3) The most bizarre thing that happened in a regatta?

The “24 ore di San Marino” is a triangle regatta to be covered as many times as possible during 24 hours.

On board of the Luffe 54.5 Fanatic, we were extremely motivated to break the record, which already belonged to us and therefore we approached the marks as if it were a very tight Windward/Leeward race. After a couple of laps the record was there, close …. the wind increased, we were at the third last mark, located a few meters from the beach, when, after a very tight mark rounding, we realized that something yellow was chasing us. ..ops … it’s the mark …. we cut the anchor cable that got caught in the keel but … the mark went flat …. we cut it too …. The RC couldn’t replace it … it seemed that we had destroyed the regatta, but we were “rescued” by a storm with gusts of up to 45 knots, which forced the RC to canceled the regatta.

– 4) What is the thing that most angers you in a race/regatta?

Unfortunately, as you know, many things make me upset … but what makes me angry the most is me when I’m wrong …. and most of the time I let off steam with my skipper.

– 5) Which is the race/regatta that you remember with the most pleasure?

Absolutely the Master World Championships in Rio de Janeiro, September 2010 … Having left Trieste for a nice holiday and returning home with the title of ApprendiceMaster World Champions  is absolutely priceless

– 6) And the race/regatta you would like to forget?

There are many regattas that for various reasons I would like to forget but I would absolutely like to erase from my mind April 24, 2004, when during the Trophy in memory of our daughter Lisa, in Trieste, we were hit by a sudden storm with gusts of up to 56 knots. There were 107 boats in the water between 420s, 470s, Europe dinghies, Lasers and Snipes. Rescue boats went out of their way to bring everyone to the club safely, but more than half of the boats were abandoned and recovered the next day.

There were a lot of damages on the boats, but luckily only a few scratches for the sailors.

– 7) Your “dream in the peak”? (Your sailing dream?)

I would like to be able to race for many more years ….

– 8) Sailing goals for 2020, and beyond?

Given the bad period that the whole world is going through, I hope to return on the water as soon as possible and to be able to embrace all Italian and foreign Snipe friends.

– 9) The most important people for you in sailing and in the Snipe?

Certainly the most important person in the absolute sense is the one who introduced me to sailing: Fabio!

In the Snipe, I would not identify a single person but the whole of all who in various ways have always made me feel like a big family

– 10) Why the Snipe?

In my opinion, the Snipe is a boat that allows you to race at a very high competitive level, without becoming a professional sailor.

– 11) Your perfect sailing venue and your perfect sailing conditions?

I have raced in many parts of the world and I cannot say that I prefer one venue because in every place I have found some particularity that makes it interesting and different from the others.

The conditions I prefer are light-medium wind, on those days that the combination of wind, sun and sea creates the effect of a glittering space.

– 12) Besides sailing which other sport do you practice?

I really like skiing, although unfortunately in last years my knees do not agree very much, and in my spare time biking.

– 13) Are you superstitious?

Not so much

– 14) Your perfect holiday?

My perfect holiday? Being in holiday!!! … sea, mountains, visit cities… the only really important thing is to enjoy the beautiful free moments you have and that you can share with the people you love.



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