Best of 2021

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Here you can find a collection of pieces (articles, stories, interviews, reports, video) of the last 12 months.

If you missed these stories the first time, we highly recommend reading them now. If you already read them, you might be surprised by how much more interesting they are on the second lap…

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

10 Snipe Tips for Small Teams in Big Breeze

How to Rig the Split Mainsheet and Augie Equalizer

WH&O Equipment

Light Air Tacks & Jibes in the Snipe with Augie Diaz & Ana Schonander in Miami

Adventures of Sailor Barbie in Miami

How to Stay Competitive Against All Odds

4 Tips for a Terrific Team

SCIRA New Rules

Ready, GO! Prepare your boat to be compliant

How to Approach the Top Mark without Losing Places and Breaking any Rules

Eight Bells: Bibi Juetz

The Ostend Snipe Fleet and the Copper Snipe Cup

Our Old Wooden Snipes

Antwerp Snipe Fleet #423

How to Thank Your Supercrew, Again

Attention Snipe Sailors! April Fool’s Stories

From the Commodore

Asking Exactly the Right Question

Old Man’s Legacy in Miami

A Lovely Tribute to Carlos Vilar Castex

The June 2021 Snipe Circuit

Why You Should Always Fit in Another Snipe Clinic (with George)

Different Ways of Celebrating the Victory at the Nationals

From the Commodore

European Championship – Report from Split

US Sailing Hall of Fame – Augie Diaz

Steering the Course: Women’s Sailing Festival

To Catch a Thief

SCIRA Announces 2021 Hall of Fame Inductees

From the Commodore

A Snipe Christmas Jingle

1969 Snipe World Championship

1971 Snipe Worlds in Rio

Young women rocking it at the 2021 Miami Snipe Invite

Snipe Skipper, Flora Cole, explains why you must sand a Snipe daggerboard

Day One Highlights from the 2021 Snipe Don Q Regatta in Miami

Highlights from days 2 & 3 of the 2021 Snipe Class Don Q Regatta in Miami

2021 Snipe North American Championship – Video

Western Hemisphere & Orient Championship – Video

2021 Snipe Women Holiday Video

B 15641

South Europeans in Blanes

Our Old Wooden Snipes

Snipe Sailing in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland

Snipes in Egypt

1948 Russell’s Boat Works Snipe #6976

Flota Snipe Chascomús – 65 Anniversary

#6976 – Restoration Underway

Snipe Sailing Dinghy Restoration is Bringing People Together from Both Sides of Ulster

Historic Day at Crom

Snipe Builder George Joiner

Rimini, 1948

Malaga, 1949




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