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Here you can find a collection of pieces (articles, stories, interviews, reports, video) of the last 12 months.

If you missed these stories the first time, we highly recommend reading them now. If you already read them, you might be surprised by how much more interesting they are on the second lap…

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Why Those Little Old Boats Matter

The Star Sailors League Ranking is one step closer to become global

World Snipe Days 2019

Attention Snipe Sailors! April Fool’s Stories

Protocol for Prizegiving at Major Championships

Denial: A Sailing Allegory

A Successful Snipe Women’s European Championship in Antwerp

7 Reasons To Go to a Regatta When Your Chances of Winning Are Slim

All for The Love of Snipes

World Championship Logistics

5 Stages of Snipe Charters

My 15 Minutes (or One Week) of Fame

2019 Open Sailors Forum

Sailing must learn to be gender inclusive

2019 Snipe Worlds Survey Responses

Promotional Ideas for Fleets and Small Countries

Hall of Fame Inductees

Two Years as Commodore

How to Reach Your Fleet Members

Interview with Henrique Haddad, 2019 Snipe World Champion

Snipe Spreader Pins: What the Experts Do

The World Champion’s Boat

Pole Shockcord Problems: The Augie Workaround

2019 Senior Worlds – Statistics

Choosing the “Right” Gate: My Top Ten Factors

Snipe Sailing Technique: How To Keep Your Pole Dry

Snipe Sailing: How To Install Spreader Pins

Work your Boat to Catch the Waves – Wave Dancing

How We Traveled in the Old Days

The Race Organization in the Old Days

Lineburger Wooden Snipes – 12000 Series

1969 Snipe World Championship

Dirty Tricks in the Early Days

1962 Western Hemisphere & Orient Championship

Snipe Master European Championship – Day 1 – Highlights

Master European Championship – Day 2 – Highlights

Master European Championship – Highlights Day 3

Snipe Women’s European Championship – Video

Snipe Polish Nationals – Video

Lake Como – Video

Video Junior Worlds – Day 1

Snipe Junior Worlds – Day 3

Video: Snipe Worlds – Day 1

Snipe Worlds – Day 2 Highlights

Snipe Worlds Day 3 Highlights

Snipe Worlds Day 4 Highlights

Snipe Worlds – Day 5 Highlights

Snipe Pre Europeans Test Event



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