Fire on the Water

Lincoln, NE, USA, June 16, 2024

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Lincoln, NE, USA, June 16, 2024.

Fire on the Water 2024 turned out to be quite the howling regatta this year! Saturday races were postponed until late in the afternoon, to ultimately be cancelled by a tornado watch and a weather system the Race Committee had been tracking all afternoon. Fortunately, the system hooked to the southeast about 60 minutes before its timed arrival at the Lincoln Sailing Club. 

As sailors, we prepare for wind versus react to it, so precautions were made to minimize damage if mother nature decided to rear her ugly head. With the out-of-town race boats moved up to the permanent boat storage area where ground tackle was available, we were then able to begin the evenings cocktail hour followed by a fantastic prime rib and salmon dinner. The food was plentiful, and the camaraderie was fantastic! 

Sunday morning race times were moved up and while the regatta garnered 27 registrations, only 16 were willing to attempt the first race Sunday morning. While the tornado watch had expired the wind remained at constant 18 mph with 39 mph gusts. The remaining teams watched from the clubhouse and anticipated the weather to subside as the races continued. 

While only three races occurred, they were full of excitement and intense racing conditions. The wind proved its ferocity. The course had several changing conditions based on the land coverage or staying out in the unprotected howl. Gene Soltero and Laura O’Leary bounced positions against Ryan Schubert and Rich Summers with Amanda Kremer and Alanna Fernandez nipping at their heels. Eventually, Gene and Laura took number one with Schubert/Summers and Kremer/Fernandez in a tie. With Schubert/Summers’ low score in Race 1, the second place was awarded to them. 

In our B-fleet, we saw Lexi Hinds and Will Thomas duking it out with Patrick Leahy and Sarah Mueller. Our junior skipper Lexi was able to secure the win even after sustaining a broken stay in race 3. They limped back to the dock without sustaining any other damage. This team was not the only boat sustaining damage, however even with the intensity of the wind and rigging complications the group was willing to keep going. Ultimately, after lunch a mechanical error on the race committee boat terminated the races and the group agreed the universe was telling us the regatta was over. 

Awards were completed and chatter was had about other District 2 and National regattas happening over the rest of the summer. Our out of town guests packed up and we said our farewells knowing we will see them, while on the same boat, most definitely, at another venue soon! 



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