US Women’s Nationals

US Women’s Nationals Image
Photo courtesy of Ted Morgan

Annapolis, MD, August 7, 2022. Final results after 6 races (1 discard):

  1. Mary Baker & Marissa Milliken, 9
  2. Taylor Scheuermann & Julia Marsh Rabin, 11
  3. Gracie Howie & Katja Sertl, 17
  4. Tarasa Davis & Kim Calnan, 21
  5. Lorie Stout & Sunny Sturmer, 22
1Mary Baker
Marissa Milliken
USA 30928Jussa SituationSSA9122112[3]3
2Taylor Scheuermann
Julia Marsh Rabin
USA 31639NoneCoral Reef Yacht Club / Jubilee Fleet111632231[5]
3Gracie Howie
Katja Sertl
USA 30473Nut on the TillerLarchmont Yacht Club172344315[6]
4Tarasa Davis
Kim Calnan
USA 29671T-TimeAtlanta Yacht Club2128[7]34464
5Lorie Stout
Sunny Sturmer
USA 29682LizzieSevern Sailing Association2234[12]56542
6Morgan Collins
Patricia Cantero
USA 3129NoneNorfolk Yacht & Country Club2533[8]78721
7Sarah Alexander
Shira Golub
USA 31635NoneSevern Sailing Association28401659[12]7
8Belen Tavella
Amy Johnson
USA 28686DrunkenFillySevern Sailing Association416359[DNF – 22]1098
9Kathryn Bornarth
Emily Bornarth
USA 30321NoneUsscmc4356[13]137689
10Lisa Pline
Jill Bennett
USA 31313Old Folks BoogieSevern Sailing Association43559[12]98710
11Madison Bashaw
Katherine Bennett
USA 30195NoneNewport Harbor Yacht Club4971611101111[DNC – 22]
12Julia Fuller
Sara Makaretz
USA 29727Shakedown StreetFleet 244 – Cottage Park5975[16]1011131411
13Pam Corwin
Morgan Wittrock
USA 30324NoneSevern Sailing Association607411[14]12121312
14Josie Sherry
Lucy Spearman
USA 3086NoneAtlanta Yacht Club698514[16]13141513
15Lilla Salvesen
Nikki Bruno
USA 30302NoneSevern Sailing Association7294178[DNF – 22]DNF – 221015
16Holly O’Hare
Erika Seamon
USA 30629SeverenceErie Yacht Club75971018151616[DNC – 22]
17Devon Feusahrens
Sam Pilz
USA 30860Her FaultSevern Sailing Association791011517141518[DNC – 22]
18Gwen Gibson
Emma Ferris
USA 29044NoneSevern Sailing Association86108[DNC – 22]151718DNF – 2214
19Isabella Fadullon
Shalom Fadullon
USA 29782CHaOs ThEoRySevern Sailing Association8610518[19]16191716
20Flora Cole
Michael Anne Ashford
USA 28142Rival IISevern Sailing Association961181920182019[DNC – 22]
21Sonya Smith-Pickle
Sarah Smith
USA 8686GirlpowerSevern Sailing Association105127[DNC – 22]DNC – 22DNC – 2217DNF – 22DNC – 22



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