Herb Shear Memorial Regatta

Herb Shear Memorial Regatta Image

Mission Bay, CA, USA, May 22, 2022. Randy Lake won the Herb Shear Memorial Regatta sailed on Mission Bay over the May 21-22 weekend.

Herb Shear started Chubasco Boats and built thousands of Snipes in El Cajon, California creating a modern fiberglass Snipe. This regatta remembers his contributions to the Snipe Class and the fleet in Mission Bay.

Final results after 6 races (1 discard):

  1. Randy Lake & ??, 11
  2. George Szabo & Diana Waterbury, 11
  3. Gene Ratliffe & Ryan Ratliffe, 18
  4. Mary Baker & Roger O’Connor, 20
  5. Charlie Miller & Lindsey Kloc, 26

23 boats competed with many Junior teams headed to the Junior Worlds as well as many top contenders.

1Randy Lake31298NoneNone113511333[DNC – 24]
2George Szabo
Diana Waterbury
USA 31441NoneSDYC113524212[DNC – 24]
3Gene Ratliffe
Ryan Ratliffe
USA 29439NoneFleet 495 – San Diego/Mission Bay1827[9]55512
4Mary Baker
Roger O’Connor
USA 29151El slammoMbyc202832[8]483
5Charlie Miller
Lindsey Kloc
USA 30904NoneSDYC26336366[7]5
6Chuck Sinks
Melanie Roberts
USA 28687C CannibalSDYC32457111[13]58
7David Tillson
Paige Tillson
USA 30109NoneMBYC34465747[12]11
8Ken Redler
Kai/Kenyon Redler
9Carter Cameron
Charlotte Hinman
USA 30337Burrito TimeCarolina Yacht Club425641011[14]116
10Seth Siegler
Cragan Smith
USA 31114NoneMission Bay Yacht Club466417612[18]47
11Chris McGrath
Shea McGrath
USA 30113DilettanteMBYC5071128[21]1299
12Packy Davis
Julie Calvert
USA 30733NoneStfyc547010147914[16]
13Robert Bowden
Gus Wirth
USA 31439NoneMBYC5976149[17]101313
14Ty Beach
Adrienne Markworth
USA 29702NoneMBYC6482[18]131316184
15Devon Owen
Ben Conroy
USA 29907NoneMBYC / SDYC6589[DNC – 24]DNC – 241411151
16Stu RobertsonUSA 29109MIA LEAHANAMission Bay Yacht Club6988[19]1515171012
17Owen Fretwell
Efe Derman
USA 28857NoneMBYC7696819[20]191614
18Dick DavidsonUSA 30017NoneMBYC80101[21]1716151715
19Sean Adams
Jenny Adams
USA 30550NoneMBYC821061516198[DNC – 24]DNC – 24
20Aimee HeimUSA 29646NoneSDYC94118161218[DNC – 24]DNC – 24DNC – 24
21Eric Heim
Lorelei Heim
USA 28858MFG 3.0SDYC9511913[DNC – 24]10DNC – 24DNC – 24DNC – 24
22Erik Hallback
Elly McGuire-Wien
USA 29672NoneMBYC104128[DNC – 24]DNC – 24DNC – 24201917
23Lynsi Gibbons
Bella Gibbons
USA 28854Get off my tailFleet 495 – San Diego/Mission Bay110134202022[DNC – 24]DNC – 24DNC – 24




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