Test: Snipe Super Series Proposal #1 – 2016 Final Results

Test: Snipe Super Series Proposal #1 – 2016 Final Results Image

The Promotion Committee presented two International Rankings (Snipe Super Series).

The two proposals are quite different (as you can check in the Spring edition of the Snipe Bulletin and on this link).

(Editor’s note: we’ll post very soon a comment about the ranking system).

Test Snipe Super Series Proposal # 1 – 2016 Final Results

  1. BRA Alexandre Tinoco
  2. BEL Manu Hens
  3. ITA Pietro Fantoni
  4. BRA Juliana Duque
  5. POR Mafalda Pires de Lima
  6. BRA Henrique Wisniewski
  7. BRA Rafael Gagliotti
  8. NOR Maj Kristin Hansen Borgen
  9. ESP Alvaro Martinez
  10. ESP Gabriel Utrera Thompson
  11. ESP Martin Bermudez de la Puente
  12. USA Ernesto Rodriguez
  13. POR Tomas Pires de Lima
  14. ITA Paolo Lambertenghi
  15. USA Kathleen Tocke
  16. NOR Janett Krefting
  17. USA Augie Diaz
  18. ITA Andrea Piazza
  19. ESP Victor Perez Campos
  20. ARG Diego Lipszyc

… full results …

SSS Ranking – Proposal # 1 – Final



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