Decision Regarding Eligibility for Jr Worlds Participants

The SCIRA Board are actively thinking about the future of the Snipe Class, recognizing the need to whether the current criteria (constitution, DoG, NOR, RRS, …) align with the complexities of the contemporary world in which we live. With today’s more dynamic living environments and the emergence of diverse identities, this evaluation becomes imperative. Our aim is to strike a balance between social norms and the unique Snipe culture of fleets, which have played a significant role in making our class great.

Earlier this week, our board convened for a crucial meeting to discuss and verify the eligibility criteria for admitting new Snipe sailors to the upcoming Junior Worlds in Miami 2024. We are pleased to inform that we have reached a resolution that aligns with our commitment to class promotion and the spirit of a fair and healthy competition.

Membership Status: All participating sailors must be current members in good standing with SCIRA. It is imperative that memberships are up to date to ensure eligibility for the competition.

New fleets: Sailors not already associated with a recognised Country or fleet will be able to initiate a new fleet by informing the SCIRA office details of the new National Secretary, member details and the boat number registered to the member. Once that information has been received along with entry payment and within the event closing date deadline, they will be eligible to participate in the Junior Worlds. The decision to admit new fleets is to encourage the growth of Snipe sailing worldwide and to embrace the enthusiasm of young sailors.

We believe that this criteria strikes a balance between ensuring a fair and competitive Junior Worlds event, while providing opportunities for new sailors to participate.

We appreciate the input and engagement from our members before and during the discussion, and we are confident that this decision reflects the collective values of SCIRA.

We look forward to an exciting and successful Junior Worlds event.



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