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The nominations:

Alexandre Tinoco & Gabriel Borges won the South American Championship in Manta Ecuador, the Piada Trophy in Talamone, the Kvarner Cup in Omisalj, The South Europe Summer Circuit. Alexandre, with Daniel de Seixas Claro, took also the Open Italian Nationals.

Angela Pumariega won the Olympic Gold medal in match racing.

Augie Diaz and Justine O’Connor won the Master Worlds in Santiago de la Ribera.

Birger and Jeannette Jansen winners of the Zimmerman Trophy (Clearwater+Miami+Nassau).

Bruno Bethlem won with Dante Bianchi the Brazilian Nationals, Don Q, Bacardi and the Western Hemisphere & Orient Championship. Bruno wo also the Open US Nationals with Daniel de Seixas Claro.

Christian Skjoldvang Andersen and Jacob Sørensen winners of the Harboe Cup and the Danish Open in Espergaedre.

Ernesto Rodriguez won the Midwinter Championship in Clearwater with Megan Place and the US Nationals in Miami with Cate Gundlach.

José Maria Guerrero Macia & Andres Del Riego winners of the Junior European Championship in Cervia.

Junichiro Shiraishi and Ueda Shinsei won the Japanese Nationals.

Marta and Angela Hernandez won the Women’s Worlds in Malaga and the Women’s Spanish Championship.

Mauricio Santa Cruz and Marcelo Maia winner of the Taça Octanorm.

Paco and Marina Sanchez won the Open de Espana in Santiago de la Ribera.

Raul de Valenzuela and Alexandro De Ona Antolin won the European Championship in Cervia.

Raul Rios won with Edgard Diminich the North Americans Championship in Toronto, Canada.

Yasuhiro Oguri & Naoyuku Namba, WH&O Championship top junior team.


In 2011 the winners of the poll were Alexandre Tinoco and Gabriel Borges.






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