Snipe SSL Ranking Updates

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Check your position in the SSL Snipe Ranking!

Top 10 Skippers:

  1. USA Ernesto Rodriguez
  2. ESP Alfredo Gonzalez
  3. BRA Juliana Duque
  4. BRA Alexandre Paradeda
  5. USA Augie Diaz
  6. CHI Matias Seguel
  7. ESP Gustavo del Castillo
  8. BRA Bruno Bethlem
  9. USA Enrique Quintero
  10. USA Arthur Blodgett

Check your position in the SSL Snipe Ranking!

Top 10 Crews:

  1. USA Kathleen Tocke
  2. ESP Cristian Sanchez
  3. BRA Rafael Martins
  4. CHI Constanza Seguel
  5. ESP Rafael del Castillo
  6. USA Charlie Bess
  7. BRA Gabriel Kieling
  8. ARG Barbara Brotons
  9. BRA Dante Bianchi
  10. USA Grace Howie

Check your standing from this link:

Then, to check the Snipe Skipper’s Ranking, please select (in the menus): Global Ranking / Skipper /Snipe
To check the Snipe Crew’s Ranking, please select: Global Ranking / Crew / Snipe
It is also possible to filter your choice by Country, Men, Women.

Information needed to facilitate sailor profiles:To prepare the ranking, SSL needs to build full profiles of all sailors (skippers and crews).For this reason we kindly ask you to send an email to [email protected] with the following information:FULL NAME AND NATIONALITY1) birth date (DD.MM.YY) 2) place of birth (city) 3) full name of the club 4) height (cm) 5) weight (kg) 6) photo (portrait in high resolution with plain background)

From 1 to 6 – the SSL have listed how exactly the data should be presented in the sailor’s ranking profile.

Instructions on how to submit results for the SSL Ranking

Attached is the template to use when submitting regatta results to be considered for the SSL Ranking.  As you know, any and all results can be submitted.  Please ensure to have skipper & crew names.

To avoid duplication, sailors must always use the same full name for each regatta, ideally the same name used for SCIRA registration, avoiding nicknames and abbreviations. Only in this way will the ranking be correct.

SSL Ranking Template for Regatta Results


Please send the results to: [email protected]and [email protected]


From 2019, a wide range of class race results will be gradually integrated into a weekly world ranking inspired by the ATP tennis ranking. At the end of the season, it will qualify the best in the world for the annual final of the circuit (with prize money), and every two years for the SSL Gold Cup. The SSL Global Ranking does not replace the rankings specifyc to each class but completes them, to offer a simple and attractive overview of inshore sailing to the general public; the SSL Global Ranking will bring together nearly 100,000 athletes in 2021 and will be used as a communication tool in 2019 to promote athletes and the sailing season.

SSL Global Ranking Method

Reference Tables For Allocation Of Points

Categories Of Events
Category1MAJORSSL 4000Major Event :                              Olympic Games,America’s Cup,SSL Gold Cup & Finals
Category2WORLDSSL 2500World Event :a World Championships (Fleet + Match Racing ( MR)),AC Challenger Selection SeriesSSL Grand Slam (run on several classes since 2021)
Category3CONTINENTALSSL 1000Continental Event :a+b Continental Championshipsc Continental Gamesd Grand Prix IWS World CupRegatta with 200 boats or more (Opti: 400 boats or more)MR-Grade W + 1
Category4INTERNATIONALSSL   500International Event :AC World SeriesOlympic QualifierRegional Games (4 – 9 nations)e Grand Prix IIRegatta with 80 boats or more (Opti: 200 boats or more)MR-Grade 2
Category5NATIONALSSL   250National Regatta :a National ChampionshipLocal Games (< 4 nations)a District Championshipf Grand Prix IIIRegatta with 30 boats or moreMR-Grade 3
Category6REGIONALSSL   100Regional Regatta :Regional Regatta with 10 boats or moreMR-Grade 4
Category7LOCALSSL     10Local Regatta :Local Regatta with a participation between 3 and 9 boatsMR-Grade 5

a With the exception of MR & all Grand Prix, World + Continental + National Championships with less than 10 boats will be downgraded to the lower category

b Continental: African-Asian-European-Oceania-South/American-North/American-Eastern/Hemisphere-Western/Hemisphere-Championships

c Continental Games: African-Asian-Pacific-Pan American Games

d Grand Prix I: Sail GP

e Grand Prix II: TP52 Super Series, RC44 Cup, GC32 Racing Tour, 18 Footers

f Grand Prix III: D35, M32, TF35

Status1OLYMPIC CLASS100%Olympics + Particularities :        49er, 49erFX, ILCA 7, ILCA 6, Nacra 17 Mixed, 470 Mixed  + Current America’s Cup Class + Match Racing Grade W + Grand Prix I
Status2WS CLASS85%Classes with Official Worlds:     5O5, Dragon, Hobie 16, J/70, Melges 24, Moth, Optimist, Snipe, Star, Sunfish, SSL 47, TP52, Grand Prix II & III, … (~ 100 classes)
Status3OTHER CLASS75%All Other Classes :                      1-Kronan, Albin Express, Folketboot, MC Scow, Naples Sabot, National 10, P-Boot, Sea Snark, Surprise,… (~ 5000 classes)
Types Of Competitions
Type1OPEN100%Olympic Classes g :                    49erFX, ILCA 6 Reserved for Women / 49er, ILCA 7 Reserved for Men / Nacra 17, 470 for Mixed Teams
America’s Cup, SSL :                 Even if some America’s Cup & SSL Events require to be qualified to participate, all of them remain “Open” competitions
Type2NON-OPEN40% hReserved for Specific Gender:  Reserved for Women, or for Men, or for Mixed Teams
Reserved for Age Groups :        Reserved for Cadets, Juniors, Masters, Grand Masters, U20, U21, U23, U30, …
Reserved for Other Groups :     Reserved for Professionals or “Amateurs”, or for Disableds, or for Owners

g Competitions for Olympic or local Games qualification and for Olympic or local Games remain “Open” competitions

h Competitions that add 2 (or more) of particular types (eg Juniors + Girls) get 20% of the points

Time Validity Of Points

Due to the exceptional situation that occurred for Covid-19, the SSL Management Board decided to change the “Time Validity Points” rule, starting from December 15, 2020 until July 31, 2022.

Time1RECENT100%Recent Event :                           Event ended in the last 104 weeks
Time2MID-TERM50%Mid-term Event i :                     Event ended between 105 and 156 weeks ago
Time3HISTORICAL0%Historical Event :                       Event ended more than 156 weeks ago

i For the Olympic Games, for the AC Qualifiers and for the America’s Cup, the 50% rule continues until the next edition (not only 156 weeks ago)

Starting from August 1, 2023, the “Time Validity Points” will return to the usual one (see table below):

Time1RECENT100%Recent Event :                           Event ended in the last 52 weeks
Time2MID-TERM50%Mid-term Event i :                     Event ended between 53 and 104 weeks ago
Time3HISTORICAL0%Historical Event :                       Event ended more than 104 weeks ago

i For the Olympic Games and for the America’s Cup, the 50% rule continues until the next edition (not only 104 weeks ago)



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