SCIRA Announces 2023 Hall of Fame Inductees

SCIRA Announces 2023 Hall of Fame Inductees Image

The SCIRA Hall of Fame honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Snipe Class and Snipe competition. 

 The Class is honoring three categories: Sailing, Technical Design and Contributors, –people who made significant contributions to the Snipe Class. 

 For this fifth year a maximum of five inductees were considered (ten in the first year, eight for the second year and five for the years after). 

The 2023 inductees are among those who have undoubtedly contributed to make the history of the Snipe Class. As Past Commodore Luis Soubie stated, “All these sailors made the footsteps of what we are all walking these past decades, so we thank them, remember and honor them as they deserve.” 

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Jose “Pepe” Perez Morals

Alfredo Lagos Silva

Kurt Jurgen Diemer

Birney Mills

Robert Scheidt



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