New Web Communication Platform in Planning!

New Web Communication Platform in Planning! Image

From the Snipe Bulletin – Spring 2021

Fluent and timely communication is very important for an active international community like the Snipe Class. Today we have two main web channels, and, for keeping our members updated. In addition, SnipeToday is also active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Just recently the Snipe Board of Governors approached SnipeToday founders and editors, Pietro Fantoni and Carol Cronin, with a proposal to build a joint web platform for Snipe Class communication. The benefits of a new set-up were noted together and a project for planning and implementation was quickly started.

The objective for the new platform is to improve communication and make information available easier for the class members, potential new Snipe sailors and other stakeholders.

This is achieved by combining the best parts of current and

  • SnipeToday is one of the best-known brands in sailing. is the #1 platform for news, articles and discussion with daily updates and dynamic look and friendly user interface.
  • is reliable source for official Class information from boat specs to Class Rules and organization.

The project is currently moving from planning stage to building the first prototypes. The launch of the new web platform is planned to happen during the 3rd quarter of 2021.

Stay tuned and stay healthy!


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John Rose
05/15/2021 -

Some improvements to Snipe Classifieds and international "boat lookup" should be incorporated in the plan. Classifieds should be available by country. A standard format for listing should be developed. Boat lookup should be expanded to include all Snipes from #1 and after (not just current dues paying) and should have basic information like builder (if known - owner built if not pro built) and whether MDS is on record at SCIRA hq - but the actual MDS does not need to be shown in the database. Links to Snipe sources (boat builders, boat equipment, sailmakers, other suppliers) should be included, possibly with nominal annual fee payable to SCIRA for listing.

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